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Artist: Pigeon John
Album:  Dragon Slayer
Song:   Davey Rockit
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[Pigeon John]
There once was a boy by the name of Davey Rockit 
and moved out from Tennessee 
He came out to Hollywood to be a famous DJ 
His name in the magazines 
Everyone told him not to do it 
They said, ďDave just chill
And get a job, and go get a gig at the mallĒ 
He didnít say a word, he just shook his head and grinned 
Stood up and surprised them all

He said, ďOne of these days, Iím gonna be large 
Iíll practice all night long 
Iíve packed my bags, Iíve traveled too far 
to ever go back home"

Cause momma was a weeping willow
His daddy wish he did the same thing years ago
When he was young he played the drums, opened for Artie Shaw
Wanted to be a jazz legend and a superstar
But his dreams faded when they had little David
He secretly resented all his friends that made it
And to be honest grew to hate and love his own son
And couldn't understand where the rage was comin from
Davey and his momma was on tiptoes
Cause they never knew which daddy would open the do'
Either the mad, sad, happy or the drunk one
Davey like the drunk, it was the only time he spoke to him
He sat down and yelled for a Coors Light
Davey brought it for him, it was the only thing he did right
He said "Son, your daddy used to be sum'n
Now I work at some place that don't mean NOTHIN
And you gon' be JUST like your old man"
Davey laughed and said "Dad, that's the main plan!"
And daddy laughed at that
And told Davey, "Get another from the six-pack"


There once was a boy by the name of Davey Rockit 
A thousand miles outside of home 
All he had was his car and a hundred in his pocket 
And he already felt alone