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Artist: Phora
Album:  With Love
Song:   Venice Waves
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

As my pen touches the paper, I start to drift away
Into a world that is way different than what It is today
Cause I ain't happy with where I'm at, but what can I say?
I'm looking for a way to my paradise, tryna get away
Get away from all of these problems in the world
And go back to the times when I was calling you "my girl"
It was me and you
No distraction, back when the summer was passing
Now that's the past, but it was fun while it lasted
But I still got it for you
I'll probably always will, and
I feel like you were the one, that's how I'll always feel
When everybody faked on me, you was always real
And just didn't help, I was stuck in my old ways still
Yeah I know, some things will never change
Had to go our separate ways
I'll leave, but I'll always come back just like the Venice Waves
Feel the breeze in the air
Yeah I miss you, it's clear
To be honest, I just wish you were here

As my pen touches the paper I start to reminisce
About all the people that come and go, as we let them drift
Some we wish we had back, some we never miss
It's crazy since you left me, I've been missing you ever since
But I still care for you no matter what they say about you
You know I'm there for you, my life just ain't the same without you
Things I used to love, turned into things I hate about you
You was kinda like my drug the way I felt no pain around you
It's like, all I needed was you
You was all I wanted, I just wish you needed me too
But that wasn't the case
I remember all the times you would come to my place
We would talk about our problems
Make love until we forgot 'em
You said "forever," I feel lied to
But no matter what happens, you know I still got you
You're not near, still I miss you it's clear
To be honest, I just wish you were here