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Artist: Phora
Album:  With Love
Song:   Changes
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

And everybody changes, but I just couldn't change this
Shame on you for changing, and shame on me for staying
Staying so complacent, wish I could go back to the days when
I wasn't so impatient, but I guess everybody changes
I miss the way it was when it was me and you
But who knows it probably just wasn't the right time
All the pain I had inside me, see I needed you
My life was pitch black
You came, that's when the light shinned

I never knew what trust was cause no one ever showed me
Nothing's really changed still, you say you miss the old me
I said take me back to the first time that you told me
That, "you would always be here"
But now I just feel lonely
And sometimes, I think back to those days
First I hate you then I love you
I just feel like I'm trapped in my ways crazy over you
Guess I got way too attached, I'm okay
I just needed you because my friends just keep passing away
Yeah, my friends they keep passing away
Yeah, I know you feel the same
Yeah, I know you're going through things too
But some things won't ever change
Afraid to admit that I need you
I'm afraid to admit that I need you