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Artist: PH.D (Poet & Hot Day)
Album:  Without Warning
Song:   Without Warning
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[Sample: KRS-One "Numero Uno"]
"Public Enemy is down with us
but M.C. Poet ain't down with us!"

Drama sample:
"I'm not dead; tell yo boss I'm still alive
and I'm mad as a ??? "

[Verse 1]
Get up jump up, to what I pump up
Just like a vacuum cleaner, I suck up
All my foes, and all my enemies
Rappers front like they just seen ten of me
You can't front, you're mad and I know it
Pissed because your girl threw her panties to Poet
Smelt like a popsicle, no obstacle
It's gonna keep me from gettin' to you
Cause if I wantcha; I'ma getcha
And when I hit'cha; I get rid-a-ya
I don't play no games when it's time to eliminate
Rappers that perpetrate, I just suffocate
Hit 'em with a blast of deadly smoke; Watch them choke
On my rhymes I wrote; now who's dope?
Hot Day and Poet in effect
People that def, one step past perfect
My rhymes are hazardous, nothin' as bad as this 
Rap all you want, you never surpass this
MC's listen and learn, I'm scoring
Rhymes are pouring, strictly - without warning!

Without warning!

[Verse 2]
All you MC's think you can't be beat
Poet is here to subtract, and just delete
1-2-3 — niggas is history 
It's no mystery, we got the victory
You wanna battle me? Let's get to it
Sooner or later  -  We gotta do it
Poet against anybody, in the industry
All of you together still won't injure me
From label to label; artist to artist
Show to show, just to see who's the hardest
If you got guts, you don't get your butt kicked
But you're still the victim of Poet
Rappers ask me, why I like to dis
I just tell 'em, "mind your business!"
Before I dis you; you could be next
Don't try to plex; don't get me vexed
Hot Day's abilities, like artillery
You thought he was wack? Stupidity!
I said you could sleep, but don't start snoring
Rap was boring until now, without warning!

Without warning
Without warning
Without warning

[Verse 3]
A lot of you rappers seem to be buggin'
Ego trippin' when you really ain't nothin'
Suckers making records, trying to check
Boy, you ain't jack, compared to Po-et
Rappers I e-rase, not leaving a trace
Your own mother won't recognize your face
I'm a eat you like a piece a pizza, leave the crust
Turn your brain to mush
Now, you know it, the Poet's the master 
You want to battle? You'll be a ghost like Casper
Get off the sleeping pills, we get ill, chief
You wanna lose some teeth? Try to beef!
Now how do you spell 'relief'?
The P the O the E the T, and you know that's me
Not another MC, they can't get loose
They will sound like somethin' outta Dr. Seuss
Poet and King Hot Day's the emperor
Straight up and down can't put it simpler
Rappers must learn, I don't burn
I just disintegrate; overtake and break
Your rhymes are phony; weak, wack and fake
Stop tryin' to rap, before you get ransacked
Stay on your back, and your bed is boobytrapped
Poet's everywhere, in the night air
Like cougar, I'ma do a - demo
You called me soft, boy, I'll blowup your limo
And anybody else that got a little two cents
I'm the rage, and you're the nuisance 
I wax the nation of rap's population
[KRS: "Poet, you're soft"] What are you, bassin'?
You've been nominated, to be eliminated
To be cremated, to be terminated
Who's the best? You don't gotta guess
Hot Day, did I serve those punks?
[scratching: "yes, yes, yes, yes..."]

Cut it up, Hot!