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Artist: Perx f/ B.Rap, Young Noble
Album:  S.O.S (Sink or Swim)
Song:   Strugglin Land
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[Verse 1: Young Noble]
From Bricks to Iran, spitted for the fan
Middle finger to the Government that never gave a damn
Gotta soak in the poverty, the real niggas acknowledge
Praying & Wishing buy ticket hope & hit the lottery
Homies in the Middle East stuck in a war-zone
Sleepin in the battlefield that's what they call home
The good die young, mama lost the only son
He would the hope for the family, he should have been the One
Dreams get shrouded like nothing really matters
Ain't Nobody see nothing, don't nobody know what happen
This is more than just rapping, homie it's real life
This is Outlawz for life... yeah
We'd hope for the hopeless, the voice of the voiceless
Ghetto gospel inspiration and get focus
The hope for the hopeless, voice of the voiceless
Keep your head up homie and stay in focus

Do you know who am I, just wanna attacking me
Know who am I, Think its way it be
Know who am I, not cannibal's ready meat
Know who am I, Don't judge, you can't feeling me

Out this time, won't even touch me
Eyes those blind ,don't bother you can watching me
We're going high, to the top, to the Lord...
Your weaknesses, dirty feeling about my world
You don't know "who am I"

[Verse 2: B.Rap]
Chaos lay us on the miseries and pain
Biggaz diggaz tryna dig the biggest grave
Welcome to the middle east where the people are insane
Cuz the government is fightin with em steal whateva they earn
It's ridiculous but you gotta look at us
How we struggling they mugging the dope for us
No bonus life's like a cold for us
We gotta pull the trigger or be died by murderers
Cuz they killaz they don't even think about us
They don't give a fuck even if we got non around us
If I say enqelabe no it means a word fo u
Swear to the blood of Neda I'm gon load it for u
They solid gunplayaz we became a new one
We gotta get ourselves outta motherfucker crueldom
We da one you so punk we gon show you how to run
Third world by people power it's the victory of the champs
We need freedom dat means a lot
We outlawz revolution till the death has come
Suck my Glock fuck your dirty politic
We the revolutioners with the green sinless holy spirit


[Verse 3: Perx]
Won't your problem if I neva ever gotta kiss my doe!
Won't your problem if she wanna stay or gotta go!
Won't your problem if she or he wanna blow!
Won't your problem it's not porno rap or commercial!
Won't your problem it's me, it's u, it's that
Won't your problem if my government still shittin & no doubt!
Won't your problem if my world all about struggling at
Won't your problem if my life ended in a body bag
Won't your problem if a white boy's life turn black
Every praise to the Lord, rest in peace & no glock...
Dedicated to my people by PersiaX man
Westside, Eastern make it more than best thang...