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Artist: Perfeck Strangers (Dan-e-o & Promise) f/ Drake
Album:  Work to Do {S}
Song:   Work to Do (Original Version)
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"I, I got work to do..."
These days it seems we can't make money, like, Drake money, right
Every week the government gon' take money, why?
Gotta check ten percent to RRSP
After rent spent, nothing left for artistry
Plus my wife's like "Hopefully he don't forget the groceries
I hope that he knows we got kids in these ovary eggs"
But before one of 'em gets made
We need to see one of us get paid
None of it seems strange, it's the way that it is
It's just not the truth that we say to our kids, they fibs
Last week I had to ask my landlord
if there was anything in my crib he'd give cash for
All he asked for, was my passport
I just need to make sure you pay me, that's all
So I ask God, at first it's You
Help me out, I got some work to do
I know

"I, I got work to do..."
"I, I got work to do..."

Ohh~! I got work to do man
We some hustlers, we gotta get this money

These days a nigga can't break twenties, honey, make money, money
Every month the government'll take money, from me
I made 7-50, look how quickly I spent that
But don't call me broke cause I strictly resent that
Last month past I had to flip me the rent
Because the tax bracket I'm in is 50 percent flat
All because of eBay givin me leeway
Basically due to PayPal I need a raise now
Seems that every time a nigga's stoppin to eat
I'll end up always tryin to shop and compete
They know that a nigga buys if they got it in his size
Then he cops it in more colors than Popsicle Pete
'Til I'm positive I will proceed
Trust in stores and I don't understand less is more
Wanna get 'em all to the point where they owe me
They gon' see that Drake's on his J-O-B
It's like

"I, I got work to do..."
"I, I got work to do..."

Huh, I most certainly do
And I been workin overtime

How long's it gonna take before I see money, breddren? The streets call me "legend"
But D's crummy, spendin receives funny, mentions
Like truthfully, how long does a dude need to be doin this
before his pursuit of riches is deemed to be foolishness?
I use excuses like "the less I make, the less they take"
But that's so fake, see I updated my résumé yesterday
Drake's now world renowned, Promise signed to Duck Down
That leaves Dan-e-o as the only one who's stuck now
It sucks how ain't nobody ever put me on
Come on Kanye or Wayne, or anyone hearing this song!
Somethin's wrong, when your friends be askin "What's happenin?"
For the last time, that's it! Yes, I'm still rappin!
Like I still breathe, still eat and still blink
And still think, should I leave a tip for this drink
cause I might need the change, man this game really gets to me
I own a crib but can't afford my destiny

"I, I got work to do..."
"I, I got work to do..."
"I, I got work to do..."
"I, I got work to do..."