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Artist: Pep Love
Album:  Ascension
Song:   The Grind
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(Pep Love)
We don't give a fuck about ya
Makin the dolla makin ya holla
Breakin all of the rules
To turn it out yall
Awaken the scholar
The priest the popes
Without a doubt yall
They can douse yall
With dreams and hopes in the sky
Beyond the clouds
Beyond the crowds and the shrouds
In disguise
Bullshit, endless lies
Manifest destiny tries the best in me
Eyes focused upon the prize
Mucho dinero needed for me to proceed
With careful strokes of genius
Feedin my family
Fiendish for the feeling of a Franklin
Fearful of no man
But self in self is no man
I'm an anomaly known as spirit
And when I'm in need
I express fresh, thresh the field
Assess my yield
From what I did apply my will
Still I pray
For each and every bill I pay
With diligent intent to get skrilla
All the illegitimate need
Is to feel a little bit of success
Acquisition get em out that
Position of stress on ya mind
Got money on mine, wheelin and dealin
The new design for your appeal and delight
Dynamite for good times
And granite for negativity
The planet is mine
We on the grind


Constant elevation
Swimmin in my amenities
Livin with ease
(Dollar bill yall)
The only color is green
Know what I mean?
From dusk till dawn
It's still on

My exponential growth expands
Extra potential both
Detrimental and essential don't
Brand it candid let your kinfolks
Conceptualize the uprising
Metropolitic enterprising
Look into my eyes and realize
The size capitalize ya lives
And don't recognize the plots
They would devise to stop
The money mission cuz my intuition
Guides me not from the payin
I'm obeyin my call
Parlayin my skill, playin my ball
Relayin the all is in yall
Fizzin and bubblin through ya conscience
Ambition ya mission accomplished
Dividends invested
We livin in an adolescent time of mankind
At a lessened standards of life
That I must attain
Reparations so I step with patience
Much to gain, plus
Bust the same passionate prose
And mash for the cash in it
With imaginative magical masterpieces
Listenin in position to blitz and bomb
The bitch in you individuals
Don't let it get you in a critical situation
With your ass out ancient
Stay original and get ya dough
Inclined to find yourself
A little bit richer, livin divine
We on the grind

Chorus (2x)

My empty hands tempt me
To implement these plans
Blueprints and templates for power movements
Poetical concrete, gems in my hymns
Form jewels in my DNA, strands in my stanzas
Transfer to me in a question and answer
Combined in blindin speed, further advancement
Infinite amount of choices, limited chances
Don't be timid intimidated and disenchanted
Step in the arena chumps, raise ya lances
Prepare to joust but first put on ya dancin
Shoes to hit the canvas
Stand up and fight, we get ya hyped
Cuz hip hop is propaganda
Tools that I brandish
Can dish panic and manic depressiveness
Get ya lost like Atlantis
We forge ahead for the advantage
Of federal notes, rockin ya boats
Leavin ya beats in bandages

Chorus (2x)