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Artist: Pep Love
Album:  Ascension
Song:   Ascension
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(Pep Love)
Here we here we go
This place
Let's go

Yeah the passing on
Experience amassing
The last thing known
Of the everlasting tongue
My raps are forecasting
The rapture that shall capture
Vast things of fascination
Exasperation of an entire nation
Causes inflammation
We master masons
Paper chasin, brick layin
And playin the game
That we was placed in
From the beginning
To the end ya know
Living is learning
So how could you pretend to know
What you don't
Cause you won't
Benefit from it
I'm infinite
And that's only an increment
Of my elevation
To a higher plane
I contain information
And spread it the same
Apotheosis occurs
When I drop these
Doses of words
Over musical notes
With an impulsive urge
On the verge of a breakthrough
Symbols of sound vibrate the ground
Like earthquakes do
Energy surges
Death to my enemies
Service of justice
Poetical purges of tyrants
I rinse the world of the virus
Like this
Living my life with vibrance
And radiance
On the way to the next apex
Is platinum plaques
And packed stadiums


Chorus (2x):

I'm on another plane
Runnin a game
We all one and the same
Come with me
I'll show you what you won't believe
And you can be what you want to be
Bigger things, other places
Dimensions, ascension
Where do we go from here?
Ahh yeah
I'll take you there
With this one, listen

Attention, attention
This is ascension
And it would be
Even if I didn't mention it
War, peace, love and hate
The very nature of it all
In a fallen state
It's unclear at best
And if I told you it'd probably
Go in one ear
And out the next but don't fear
We questin to answer questions
Advance to the next progression
Or learning another lesson
Believe it or not
I'm walking on air
And ahh yeah
It feels good
Even if not understood
It's all to the greater purpose
I get subterranean
And rise to the surface
Evolving and revolving
Around the sun
We are men, women and children
Buildin, never yieldin
We livin in killin fields
And are weapon wieldin
Until the void is filled in
Steppin over corpses
Through this metamorphosis
That life offers
A twist of fortune is
The very reason
Every season
Changes and the angels
Sing to the strangers
We trailblazin
Hell raisin
Amazing tales
Of spirit, energy
Physical integration
Me and my niggaz are vigorous
In the days when we headed
To the place where time and space end


Chorus (2x)