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Artist: Pep Love
Album:  Ascension
Song:   Pacific Heights
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[Pep Love]
Uh, West coast...the best, coast

Pacific Heights
We take flight to live it like never before
The sun sets to settle the score
From whence it came but no longer the same, see
We reflect the cause and effect of change

Pacific Heights
Highlights of livin in the west
Are some of the sights that leave you breathless
My life reflects this
Every day I wake up for breakfast
The feelin I'm feelin is the nexus
Blue skies and big shit on the horizon
Game recognize game, advise to lames
Economy thriving, cheddar to make
Better the stakes is high but not higher than I've been
Up in Northern Cali the Humboldt County experience is bomb
And you'll know what to do when fo' twenty hits
The water is freezing but the tide
Brings the cool ocean breeze when it's hot outside
We got mountainous terrain, valleys and hot springs
A beauty that's boundless
Cali contains the city of angels, it's big and bold
LA is the real deal but all that glitters is not gold
And yo, we got some real hard hitters up in Frisco
We got some real hard hitters in the East O
We got some real hard hitters in Vallejo
We got some real hard hitters in the bay, yo
Street veterans and defiant giants
Cowboys are us, kickin up dust in riots
Plus when we get busy we be ready to bust the revolution
And get it on like Hughey P. Newton
South Central and Watts rebellions
Speakin of off the hook, we wrote the book
You can tell when you party with us
You don't want to start it with us
You might get touched with an adrenaline rush


And now we travel down highway 101, the scenic route
Perceiving the beautiful things that you might dream about
When you think of California, the landscape will perform for ya
Visions will take shape, I'm warnin ya
Livin here's addictive, and it shakes 7.7 on the Richter
Earthquakes and for heaven's sakes it takes
A pioneering spirit to face the West
Finesse, pride and grace wouldn't hurt a bit
Show me something immortal, we'll murder it
Show me something dead, we'll it to life and further it
On it's path, and you don't even know the half
We innovative natives and the way that we live's fast, life
That's right, sunset trippin and get caught slippin at night
You might fall victim to one of these wannabe G's
That run the streets, defined by
Living with their Third Eyes blind, why
California penal facilities exist to get
Bigger and bigger so the crime persist
And it don't stop or cease, it only increase
Fuck the cops, this hip hop shit controls the streets
Of the Golden State, I'm a proud resident
And when I'm old and gray, I'ma still represent this
Coast line, and toast the Napa Valley grind
It's some of the finest, and gets better with time


Uh, uh
Beautiful women and unlimited fun
From Mexico, all the way to Oregon
And it don't stop until we see, B.C.
Canada bud is plentiful, but it ain't easy
To get across the border and it'll cost you more than a little
If you've ever been caught doing any criminal
Activity in the States, Seattle got ganja too
So if you can't pay then stay
And kick it up in Washington
Where the mushrooms grow in the morning dew
And I'm watching from a bird's eye view
Up in the Sky Needle having dinner with a winner
Feeling fly like freedom
Enhanced, by the CyberSydle in my system
Advance, by what I know I hear when I listen
Enchanted wisdom, of the land
And the West Coast is host to the everlasting plan

Chorus (2 times)

West Coast!
The annointed ones strike again...Hieroglyphics.
Uh, yes...pioneers, roll west with me...