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Artist: Pep Love
Album:  Ascension
Song:   Melanin Magnetic (Black People)
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(Pep Love)
We dealin with mind expansion
We gettin better as time keeps passin and running faster
I'm from the center of the earth, brewed with crude oil
My energy is explosive, call me a rude boy
Nigga and jiggaboo too
Label my methods of medicine Voodoo
But, it don't matter what you do
I'm pitch black, I'm enriched with original facts
Reachin on back to eternity and that's
Where you'll find my roots, along the river Nile
I given a stain of a style and forth came
Man, woman and child
The first on the earth to birth civilization
And it hurts to know the truth when you deficient
And wishin upon a star
You can sunbathe but you'll never be black as we are
It's more than just a skin tone
I'm Melanin Magnetic on the microphone

Black is black, this is a fact
And Melanin Magnetize elements like that
I'm a nigga, monkey, ape, or eggplant
Call me what you want but understand that
My Melanin Magnetic
My Melanin Magnetic
My Melanin Magnetic

They say that we got, big dicks, lips, hips, and ass
But tend to dismiss, what they can't grasp
Like, how do we continuously influence the mass?
And how does the black woman posess such grace and class
How does the black man last?
We done been through hell and back (black)
But we still havin a blast
My mic maneuvers make melanin shine bright
I excite the groove and I'm proven right through the night
And through the break of dawn
I absorb photons, protons, neutrons
Ready to take on the whole world, fuck it the whole universe
I traverse with a verse and commune with the earth
Sun don't give me no skin cancer, you nurture
Mother earth with light and steadily enhance her
With life, deep and dark is an abyss
My freaky frequency you can not miss
My niggas, and niggettes, when we connect
We the most significant sight seen on the set
And yes, it's more than just a skin tone
I'm Melanin Magnetic on the microphone


You can whip me, you can chain me
You can enslave, you can hang me
But you'll never be able to figure me out like that
My rhythm, style, community, mindstate's black
Soul, hip-hop, funk, rock and roll
R and B, blues, jazz, and gospel
Melanin music, we make to elevate
My people, for the melanin movement we ascend
And descend from slaves, America
Look at the hate you gave, you're scared of us
You wanna put us in your penitentaries
Lock up the black male, prison is an industry
Now, they're clearin the streets out
They're finna be in the inner city with their M-16's out
Tryin ta supress the unsupressable, decibal
Equatorial warrior skin blessed with hue
And humanity is comin on through
We accept you as family cause that's how we do
And true, it's more than just a skin tone
I'm Melanin Magnetic on the microphone


We the inheritors of the earth
The original inhabitants, so let me tell you what it's worth
Money and the things it brings could never match
The quality of what it means to be black
Magnetic, elemental mineral ??inner brool?? and my intergalactic
Intervals are fantastic
Blackness overcome oppression
Show em our progression, stretchin, all around the atlas
Heal the world, open the shell to reveal the pearl
Up in my mind let my skill unfurl
Divine architecture
Mic mysticism I catch ya with the wit and wisdom
Deep in the Congo, my ebony blow beyond yo'
Sense of reperception, this heavenly convolt
Came from the same drum that they play
And we communicate on that same wave, hey
Now just jump on the boat, and follow the notes I intone
And let me trace you back to what's been known
In fact, it's more than just a skin tone
I'm Melanin Magnetic on the microphone


And it don't stop
Black is the abyss, like this
Pep Love in the place to be
We bout to go out in space, to a whole nother galaxy
We gon' find the void
We gon' build and destroy
Black people everywhere, throw your hands in the air
Pold up, yeah, say it loud what, what? Say it loud
I'm black and I'm proud
Pep Love and Hiero, this how we do know what I'm sayin?
This is for you, and you, and all of yours
We get down, uh huh
It's like that, the original sound