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Artist: Pep Love
Album:  Ascension
Song:   Karma (The Snake Charmer)
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(Pep Love)

What?  It's the money they want
To try to get up in the mixture
Things they do is unbelievable
The web is weaved of bullshit
Lies behind in disguise
Designed to deceive you
Forked tongues speak of fortune
Out of their grasp
For them to reach they would
Have to come out of the grass
Snakes and fakes tough breaks
And bodies found in lakes
Are one and the same and what makes
The world go round is game
Corruption in one hand
Cleanin the other without
Touchin a bit of filth
Fuck that, shysty niggaz
Get bucked at, the price
Be the rigors of life
And I love that
But some of you want to
Take the route that's easy
Break in ya best friend's house
To try to get him for his G's
Cause you know where
He leaves the keys
To the safe and it ain't safe
When you fuckin with these

(Partially comprehensible Major Terror verse)

(Pep Love)

Chorus (2x):

Hey yo we stay honest
Won't make a fake promise
Pay homage to truth
And never stray from it
We make armor
Never mistake honor
Dance to the tune
Of the snake charmer

If you snooze, you lose
The serpent is lurkin
Watch his every move
Then swiftly usurp him
Snatch him out of his skin
Don't let him surprise ya
Smile in your face then
Try to sabotage ya project
Shifty, shady
It ain't fuckin with me
I see him out the corner of my eyes
Trying to get me but I'm wise
To the ways of the wicked
And it get to be a damn shame
When I pull the ticket of an infidel
Gafflers get their hands chopped
At the wrist, life at risk
And their plans got rearranged
Messing with my money is dangerous
Shots shatter ya blood clots
Scattering like mice
Whenever ya ways is shyste
I raise the price to puzzle em
And put em on ice
Can't even look me in my eyes
And acknowledge respect
Now his every gesture and posture
I'mma dissect
Until he break in a cold sweat
Cause he been doing this
Since the days of Judas
And ain't switched his ways yet
A snitch, co-conspirator
A broken spirit, a bitch
No consideration gets displayed
For this occasion, pistols blaze
When we catch him red-handed
This instantaneous
Reaction get passionate
The head of the snake I take
And throw it in the basket

Chorus (3x)

Fake motherfuckers
Duck us and cut corners
Talk about ya behind your back
And make promises
They just can't keep
So you just can't sleep
Look alive and alert
Cause they will connive
To put a hurtin on ya
Convertin ya input to output
Even when you try to live
With a positive outlook about
People the evil will still find ya
Creep up behind ya
Stab you in your back to remind ya
That it exists, and pull a twist
Fadangled and strangled
Ya wish it wasn't like this
But frontin is just the thing
People like to do
When they have not a clue
If the lies are true
We rise to the occasion
And blaze em
My faith is never tested
I know that I'm blessed, praisin
My essence of being
I've been through the ranks
Of snakes and hideous things
For goodness sakes

(Chorus 2x, fading)