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Artist: Public Enemy
Album:  Yo! Bum Rush the Show
Song:   Public Enemy No. 1
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[Intro: Flavor Flav]
Yo Chuck, bust the move man
I was on my way up here to the studio, you know what I'm sayin'
And this brother stopped me and asked me
"Yo, what's up with that brother Chuckie D, he sweared he nice?"
I said: "Yo, the brother don't sweared he's nice, he knows he's nice"
You know what I'm sayin'
So Chuck, we gotta fill in, you're turnin' him into the Public Enemy, man
Now remember that line you was kickin' to me on the way down to L.A.
and my way to the Queens, while we was in the car, on our way to the Shack
Well yo, right now, kick the bass for them brothers
And let them know, what goes on

[Chuck D]
What goes on (*gun shot*) well
I'm all in, put it up on the board
Another rapper shot down from the mouth that roared
1-2-3 down for the count
The result of my lyrics, aww yes, no doubt
Cold rock rap - 49er supreme
Is what I choose and I use, I never lose to a team
Cause I can go solo, like a Tyson bolo
Make the fly girls wanna have my photo
Run in their room, hang it on the wall
In remembrance that I rocked them all
Suckers, ducks, ho-hum emcees
You can't rock the kids, so go cut some cheese
Take this application of rhymes like these
My rap's red hot, 110 degrees
So don't start bassin, I'll start placin'
Bets on that you'll be disgracin'
You and your mind from a beatin' from my rhymes
A time for a crime that I can't find
I'll show you my gun, my Uzi weighs a ton
Because I'm Public Enemy number one

one, one, one one ----> KRS One
(*record squeals*)
Hip-Hop ----> KRS One

[Chuck D]
You got no rap, but you want a battle
It's like havin' a boat, but you got no paddle
Cause, I never pause, I say it because
I don't break in stores, but I break all laws
Written while sittin', all fittin' not bitten
Givin' me the juice that you not gettin'
I'm not a law obeyer, so you can tell your mayor
I'ma non-stop, rhythm rock, poetry sayer
I'm the rhyme player, the ozone layer
A battle what? Here's a bible so start your prayer
Just word to the wise is justified
If they ask you what happened, just admit you lied
You just got caught a, for goin' out of order
And now you're servin' football teams in water
you messed with the Master, word to Chuck
and I wax cold tax, make sure you got duck
You just got dissed, all but dismissed
Sucker duck emcees, you get me pissed
It's no fun, being on the run
Cause they got me Public Enemy number one

one, one, one one...
one, one, one one...

[Chuck D]
Don't you know, don't you know..
I got a posse over force to back me up
Watch out, we got matter of match
Ambush attack on my back, double-teamin' to get cream
So we have it, so you won't gain
Wanna hear it again
We got a force, enemy down
The L.I. circuit sound
Ain't it Chuckie D, myself and KG, Flavor, DJ Melody
aww yes, I presume
it's the tunes, that make us groom
To make all the ladies swoon
But it's also the words from outer region
a goldboy session, kickin' like Bruce Lee's "Chinese Connection"
On stereo, never ever mind though
All wax, yes, I'm talkin' about vinyl
They said: Stop! Freeze! - I got froze up
Because I'm Public Enemy number one

[Break: Chuck D]
One - One - One - One
One - One - One - One
One - One - One - One

[Chuck D]
For all you suckers, liars and cheap amplifiers
You crossed up wires, are always startin' fires
For you grown up criers, now here's a pair of pliers
Get a job like your mother, I heard she fixes old dryers
You have no desires, your father fixes tires
You're tryin' to sell your equipment, but you get no buyers
It's you they never hire, you're never on flyers
Cause you and your crew, is only known as good triers
Known as the poetic, political, lyrical son
I'm Public Enemy number one

[Break: Chuck D]
one, one, one one...
one, one, one one...
One - One - One - One
One - One - One - One
One - One - One - One

[Outro: Flavor Flav]
Yeah, that's right Chuck, man
That's what you gotta do
You gotta keep tellin' them just like that, you know what I'm sayin'
Cause yo man, let me tell you a little somethin' man
These brothers runnin' around, hard headed
They get a little jealous, you know what I'm sayin'
Just like that, you know, they're tryin' to bring you down with them
But yo Chuck, you got to let them know who's who in the world of beat
You got to let them know, that this is the 80's
And we can get all the ladies
And in the backyard we got a fly Mercedes
And that's the way the story goes
That's just the way the story goes
Let me tell you a little somethin' man...