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Artist: Paul Wall f/ Yung Redd, Z-Ro
Album:  Fast Life
Song:   One Hundred
Typed by: Theda Dot Com

[Verse 1: Paul Wall]
When your up your up
and when your down your down
But when you fall off
just peep who still come around

It aint to many gon hold you down
when you down and not on your luck
But ima be right by your side 
even when that road get rough

I keep it cool, when the streets is hot
and all your friends done soon forgot
They leaving you all alone to rote
but I'll be there til you back on top

I'm down with you with no strings 
no matter what 100 I'm willing to do
Even with that paper to feed my crew
no matter what you going through I'm staying true 

[Chorus: Z-Ro]
I know you've been searching for someone to keep it one hundred
so problem is not wishing, and we keeping it coming 
Damn right we came up from nothing, but now we got money 
And he's feeding his people, and now one of them gon never go hungry

[Verse 2: Z-Ro]
I represent my city until the day I die
I speak the truth even when I say a lie
You other niggas should know better than to play with I
You be lost and never found to say bye bye

Yall already know that I got a lot of evil in me
But I got a lot of that love shit too
But I promise I'm in love with my ride
And I'm in love with what its sitting on bitch, and my paint so cool

Thanks to paul wall, you already know I got love for you bro
My cup empty, ya cup empty lets pour some more
My nigga T-Ferry, and J-Dawg 
Even my old school nigga Fuzz

 When show us hate we gon show em back love
Now but last year would have been a different scene
But ima let you make it, but I'm really trying to keep it 100
So stay the fuck away from me pleeaasse!

[Chorus: Z-Ro]

[Chorus: Yung Redd]
I'm different like an alien, driving in that mothership
Rims black as midnight, I'm sitting high up on that numbers list
Went from all tha purple rain, but now I'm never drowsy
They talk but I cant even hear the wind whisper about me

Even if they doubt me haters I'm off limits
Blowing cake, oh yeah I make dessert for a living
So many times I swear I spare my last 100 
like the grade in the class, nah that's just extra credit

[Chorus: Z-Ro]