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Artist: Papoose
Album:  The Nacirema Dream
Song:   Alphabetical Slaughter Part II (A to Z)
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[Intro: DJ Kay Slay]
The Nacirema Dream is here! Papoose the lyrical one!
The last time, he flipped alphabetical slaughter from a to z!
This time, he's gonna flip it, z to a!
And you know what! We so ill with it, we gonna reverse the beat too!
Papoose let's go! Z!

[Verse One: Papoose] (DJ Kay Slay)
(Z!) Z zag zig Zimbabwean Zambian Zaire's
Zodiac zonin Zulu zian zappin zillion zillionaire
(Y!) Yo you yeah! Yesterday's youth yearnin your ying
You yellow belly yankee ying yang yellin yes men  
(X!) XX-rated, X-African X-Men
X-Leaders X-Clearance X Malcolm, X-Clan
(W!) We want war! World war world wide warnin
Walkin with weapons we wackin walkie talkie wearin wardens 
We with whatever what what wildin whatever war went
Warlock warpath warfare warriors with warrants
Wasting white wine, wearin Wu-Wear with wallabies
Why would we waste words? We weakenin wigs wobbly
(V!) Vengeful villains, vandalize villages viciously
Vandervere Van-Dyke, very violent vicinities 
Vindictive vigilantes voicing victorious verses vigorously 
Vocabulary and visualizin vividly
(U!) Usin unruly utilities, unappreciated
Unstoppable underdog, unequally underrated 
Usually unlockin unloadin undertaken
Unconditional Uncle Toms, unconstitutional understatement
Until undercovers unchain us, underhand
Untouchable urban underground underboss understand?
(T!) Ten O'clock Tuesday Tahoe travelin through traffic
Two thievin teenagers tailgaitin, talking tragic
Tough talk turn to tragedy two teflons thrown
They try to take the TV, the touch-tone telephone 
Tense thinking thoroughly, thus Tuesday turned trife
Tried to total they truck, triggered the trey deuce twice
They tracin Tahoe tracks touchin they toast tight
Took two triple teks, then turned towards the turnpike
Transmission thumpin, tough thoughts, thinkin temperament
Tires turnin, time tickin Timberland's tremblin
Thugacated though, therefore tarnished their tissues
The tefs targeted they torsos, tore through they temples
(S!) Scalpin sacrificed Sampson's strength, soul slashin
Stainless steel slug shatterin skulls, skull smashin
Street soldier, strive stricken six shy siblings
Sparkin street sweepers severin stomachs, side splittin
Silencers snipin suspects seemin suspicious
Shootin shotgun shells shell shockin shivery snitches
Sendin slug showers sharpenin shanks, stabbin swine 
Snappin spines stickin stupid stool pigeons, snatchin shines
Superior scientist structurin Shakespeare sentences
Study symbolic stars smart solar system specialist
Supreme species, sire Satan's second sin
Such savage secret society segregated separatist 
(R!) Represent, real regulators reflect
Raneesha resurrected ran ran recycled respect
Remindin relatives realism really resets
Reproduction reverses red rum, recollect
Reputation rebels randomly repeatin Russian roulette 
Rugers rapidly ricochetin revolvers rec
Real recognize real rugged renegades rep
Riff raff rah rah ravin raggedy rappers repent
Raisin rifles razor rippin renegades regulatin
(Q!) Quarrelin quick quittin quiet quaaludes perpetratin
(P!) Penetrate pussy, pass punks pushin put put paths
Pull precisely pisces, puff puff pass
Pigmentation police prowlers prowlin patrol
Politicians plain pig plotted proposals proposed
Politics prepare presidential polls
Persecutin penitentiaries political prisoners, prolong parole
Pure poet, plus professional professionalist
Pushin platinum plaques, purposely producin presidents  
Paintin Picasso pictures, printin perfect penmanship
Pen paper pencil packin paragraph predicates 
Prophecy possibly predicted plantation pilgrimage
Prodigy properly preparatin parallel pyramids
Pinpoint perspective, pickin pigs
Picture Papoose poppin Pataki? Pure point blank privilege   
(O!) Orthodox opportunist overseein opticals
Over observin opposition overcomin obstacles
Ounce overload often obtainin o's outdoors
Outrageous outspoken outstandin outlaw
(N!) Negative Negro naturally nicotine needers
Notorious niggas nickname nickels nines Ninas  
Nugget necklace niggas navigatin navigators
Nonchalant notion notebook novel narrator
(M!) Magnificent music makin marvelous mahogany
Mashin miscellaneous mockery monotony
Millionaire moves modestly monopoly
Masons made majority minority
Mental molecule measurer, muslim mosque minister
Muhammad's most masterful messenger
Militant mercenary merciless
Magazine millimeter marksman, murder motive murderous
Mailin Muss money, Mussolini my main man
Mafia marijuana maniac man made made man
(L!) Listen, lavish life livin long lastin
L's lingerin lunchin lobster, laughin
Lawyers lie logically law library literate
Latex lapdance lover, lust ladies limitless
Long literature lyricist
Liftin levers launchin lasers lollygaggin lames loosin ligaments
(K!) Kingdom key, Klan killer Ku-Klux Klan killin
Kidnap kindergarten Klan kids kidney kickin
Keen kilogram kilo kitchen kernel
(J!) Jewel jottin journalist joyless jam jottin journal
Jets jersey jaguar jiggery jealousy
Junior jooksmen jerks jumps jooks jealously
Jooks Jack jacket jeans jewelry
Jackass judicial judge jailin juveniles, justifyin jeopardy
(I!) Imposters ice invalid
Ice grill, iceberg igloo ice, I'm illmatic
Incognito individual, illustratin indicatin
Illustrious ideas incinuatin 
Informants informin interrogatin incriminatin
Immortal industry ingenious inspiratin
Ignited ignition intimidatin
Interstate intersection impulse impact is innovatin
(H!) Holiday high humiliatin hot head humblin
Handcuff hastler harsh hollow hoverin
Halfwit half heart hideous homos huddlin
Hard headed hard hearted hungry, henchmen hustlin
(G!) Guzzlin, Guinness government gimmicks
Gully gliss gymnast, gutterness givin, gunner grip grippin
Glorifyin glamorous great gold glaciers
Givin G's guns gladly gangstas give gangstas
(F!) Fugitive, far from fearful fuck fear!
Fighters following far fetched forefront frontiers
(E!) Elevatin editorial educator educatin
Emancipatin esophagus elaboratin
(D!) Diamond dressed don dominatin
Double daughter dad Dejanue, Destiny, dictatin
(C!) Carefully creatin, Brooknam (B!) big bill breakin
Bed-Stuy, Brownsville bang bangin 
Bin Laden (A!) bombin alarmin Africans and Asians 
Alphabetical Allah assalam alaykum