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Artist: Papooose
Album:  The Nacirema Dream
Song:   Law Library Part 8
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The law library saga continues, The Nacirema Dream version
As promised, yeah!
You used to get a year for a gun they increasin the math
Nowadays you 'gon get three and a half
A predicate five or seven, word is bond
Welcome to law library, firearms 

Take these bars and put 'em in your commissary  
The veils is heavy, lawyer takin every penny
Pay attention, you could leave your jail cell empty
I like to welcome you to my law library
Take these bars and play 'em in the beacon son
I am you, you are me, we are one
'Cause to get freedom, you can't be free and dumb

We educated, so the cops is pissed
Now they got a new plan, stop and frisk
Interestin, they caught my attention
'Cause this is a violation of the fourth amendment 
Which speaks on search and seizure
So all officers should rehearse procedure 
You gotta learn this, it's the right of the people to be secure
Against all unreasonable searches
They don't understand the amendment
They say stop and frisk is one of the many exceptions
They altered it, changed the definition
So now it's a perfect fit for all the bullshittin
Sounds like fiction, but to justify it in court
The cops gotta have reasonable suspicion
If they don't, this where I need you to listen
To search you they gotta ask for permission
I can't determine how that go
But if I was you, I would say hell no
Reason to stop fact determined by a cop
Informant, or havin presence on a high block
Reason to frisk suspect the law you breakin it
All suspicion that a man is armed an dangerous
Even though they makin these horrible laws
They cannot search you without probable cause
Gun cases get dictated by the laws
Your defense is to prove it's not yours
The presence in any room dwellin structure or vehicle any grounds
Of any machine gun is presumptive evidence now
Of it's unlawful possession by all persons 
Occupyin a place, such as machine gun was found
If you in the vicinity of a gun you takin chances
Unless under the followin circumstances
A, if such weapon found was where
Upon a person, of one of the occupants there
B if the weapon found in the car was either 
Being operated for hire, by a licensed driver
C is plain if one of the occupants has a valid license to have
And carry concealed, the same
What's the next chapter that I should reveal?
Article 4.50, appeals, law library