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Artist: Page f/ Drake
Album:  Page
Song:   I'm Still Fly
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[Chorus: Drake]
I'm still fly I'm sky high and I dare anybody to try and cut my wings
I'm still pullin' out the phantom and these haters can't stand em
Nigga I'm still doin my thing
I'm still fly I'm sky high and I dare anybody to try and cut my wings
I'm still shuttin' cities down every time I come around
Nigga I'm still doin' my thing
I'm still...

Clean in this bitch I'm feelin' myself goddamn a nigga rich
And every time I touch it guaranteed to be hit
And when them checks come guaranteed to be a split
I'm flyer then an invitation
Like I'm the information
Toronto's been waiting and I'm glad ya'll been waiting patient
But I'm here now these niggas is old news
I mix cocaine powder with the pro tools
(Whip it) Yeah crack that's just how I double back
Europeako jeans bleeding on them white air max
And these niggas keep asking me when you gon' drop
Why the fuck you keep harassing me when's that gon' stop
I guess its when my albums selling in the stores
And they sayin' damn I use to know the boy
Now I barely see em
And the little kids wanna be him
He a star now look up you'll probably see him


Fly as I wanna be kush in the air I get high as I wanna be
S 550 navigatin' where I gonna be
P.A.G. mother fucker don't forget the E.
Rep T dot till they bury me
Automare the wrist red diamonds in the necklace
Been getting' checks while you rappers stay checkless
Real street nigga feel free to do a checklist
They don't really make em like me
Had to give you a second to breathe
Nigga ballin' still a hobby and I do that with ease
I'm bout to catch pneumonia because my neck stay freeze
I'm in the west indies
A 100 grand on a cheap white tee
I'm the man in my city they demand at me
Nigga I rep for my city like a football team
I'm fly like the New York Jets be
In a G5 two nines on me like Wayne Gretzky