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Artist: Pacewon & Mr. Green
Album:  The Only Color That Matters Is Green
Song:   So Straight
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

[ VERSE 1: Pacewon ]
Yeah, I'd like to thank God for givin me life
I'm still alive after all these fights, yet it all seems right
Like I never jeopardized it - but I did
Even moreso without battin a eyelid
Despite what my parents used to tell me at home
'Jerome, get off that phone
Get into your books, leave them little hookers alone
You can have 'em when you get grown'
But I paid 'em no mind, nah, I never listened at all
Meetin girls like, 'I give you a call'
And when I gave 'em a call sometimes they said, 'Come through'
And I was on my 1-2
Hot steppin, headed to my little rendez-vous
Not doin what my mom say do or what my pops say do
Or what my older sis say too
But despite that I made it through
And I'm straight, playa

I'm so straight, my life is okay
Fruits, vegetables, champagne and OJ
Piff cigarettes, little chick that go both ways
Me and my crew just lampin the whole day
Eatin shrimp, pumin the O'Jays
Nas, Redman, KRS and Nicole Wray
Keisha Cole, old Al Jarreau tapes
Like I said before, little brother, I'm so straight

Me and [Name] gettin ripped in the whip (It's okay)
Me and Rival seein plenty of grip (It's okay)
Me and Uno got money to flip (It's okay)
My life is just so straight (You don't say)

[ VERSE 2: Pacewon ]
Yup, straight like 3:45
Just like Master Ace with my Eyes on the Prize
I gotta sweat, build and run my enterprise
Gotta listen to the voice in my head, it never lies
I gotta write, keep on comin with clever rhymes
Cliches and punchlines these kids'll memorize
I gotta plan ways to spend my cheddar wise
So the MC's still yet to come will recognize
I want a Grammy, or at least to get to die
Before I fell, fall off and be forced to get a job
I'ma hustle, I'ma get up and get involved
Ain't no problem that I can't solve
I'm that live
And just like the cartoon I'm that Guy
Yeah, and just like the movie I'm that Fly
Like the flying dog in Half Baked, I'm that high
Check me out, people, I'm alright
Now sing the hook with me


Me and Confucious leave the ladies a tip (It's okay)
Me and Muhammad take a up-north trip (It's okay)
Me and Jesus smoke-smokin a spliff (It's okay)
My life is just so straight (You don't say)

[ VERSE 3: Pacewon ]
Astrological Virgo ways
A blunt for the purple haze
I got a little bit of sour in my pocket and a bottle of rum
Try to steal it, hope you got you a gun
[Name] pass me the blunt
Get a glass, I'm 'bout to pop the Mot
Around me ladies get so wet, no sweat
I'm like a secret agent gettin my game on
Pullin dimes just like James Bond
See I'm a complex young man, bust till my gun jam
Son so hot you might leave with a sun tan
Quick as Jet Li, don't act dumb, fam
Cause tied behind my back I could beat you with one hand
I do it even better, I could beat you with one leg
You'll get your wig peeled back at a young age
And I'ma be posin on a newspaper front page
On a beach chillin out absorbin the sunrays