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Artist: Pacewon & Mr. Green
Album:  The Only Color That Matters Is Green
Song:   She Can Be So Cold
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

(So what, somebody left you in a rut
And wants to be the one who's in control
But the feeling that you're under can really make you wonder
How the hell she could be so cold)  --> Jack White

[ VERSE 1: Pacewon ]
I once met a chick, cute face, small waist
Legs kinda quick, I pushed upon her quick
Checked for her ring, see if she's a queen
And she probably got a king, he probably do his thing
But she said that she didn't
She asked did I have a girl and I was like 'Eh-eh'
Nah ma, you kiddin?
If I did have a girl I would be true
Standin by her side, not here talkin to you
Then she said I was sleepin
She said mad dudes out here claim the same damn thing but be creepin
I said, 'Not me though'
I'm so sick of sad love songs, I'm like Ne-Yo
Lookin for a Leo
And if you're not a Leo, then don't be a mean-o
My heart is like a lock, and you got the key, yo
You see, through my life I shut many doors
I asked for her number and she said, 'Gimme yours'

[ VERSE 2: Pacewon ]
Yeah, I gave it to her, one day she called
She sounded nonchalant like she mighta been bored
Then she asked what it was, was I busy
Did I wanna get a slush from Dairy Queen or what?
Or what? No big thing, I said, 'Yeah'
Within a half hour little shorty wop was there
Lookin like 'Mirror mirror, who is the fair-
-est one of all' with her long-ass hair
So I jumped in the ride
Happy like all the children on my mother's side
Cramped with butterflies
But otherwise I was just chillin like champagne
We went and had drinks, curry chicken and ( ? )
And even under the spell that I was under
I wondered why she always called me from a blocked number
And just when I thought that props was all due
And I asked for her math, she said 'I'll call you'

[ VERSE 3: Pacewon ]
Okay now, I been seein mommy off and on for months
She say she got a crib and I ain't been there once
And I think I really like her but I feel like a dunce
Because she still blocks her number when she calls me at lunch
I can't call her when I want, it's makin me blue
Cause now I'm startin to think that she lives with a dude
But each and every time I ask her if she's seein a boy
She starts flutterin her eyes and bein so coy
Her little ploy to be evasive keeps makin me 'noid
I feel like my ego is bein destroyed
When I ask her for her number she puckers her lips
When I ask her where she lives she blows me a kiss
Then she glances at her wrist, I'm feelin like this
Is she stupid, what's really good with this chick?
Delete my number out your cellphone, we couldn't be througher
Months of dating and I never really knew her