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Artist: Pacewon & Mr. Green
Album:  The Only Color That Matters Is Green
Song:   The Joker
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

[ VERSE 1: Pacewon ]
A thug changes and love changes
And when I stand on my head the blood rages
To my dome, my first name's Jerome
And when I see Slim I'ma cock back the chrome
I'm crazy, insane, ask me how I'm feelin
You know the deal'n, I'm chillin like Matt Dillon
Crackin, go ahead ask me how I'm doin
You know I'm true and coolin like Rick Rubin
Writin these off-the-wall raps just to smack MC's
Got 'em crashin into each other like the Japanese
Kamikazes, full of hate like I'm a Nazi
And Hitler sent me out on a mission to bomb your posse
I been plottin, I'ma find where Em hidin
And put a freakin price on his head like Bin Laden
And then rob him, spray his face black with crylon
That's that Brick City bullshit that I'm on
Don't give him no freakin shoulder to cry on
Or his freakin shoulder will be the shoulder you die on
He's a prick, and when it comes to that, man
I freakin hate him like the Joker hate Batman

Fuck you
If you were right here I'd cut you
If I had a razor or switchblade I'd gut you
Get Michael Jackson to touch you
Get Tiger Woods to put you
Knock you into a hole and hush you
Freakin act like you're a tire and just bust you
Wait till you're busy and interrupt you
I've Had it up 2 Here like Latifah, nigga, so fuck you

[ VERSE 2: Pacewon ]
What kinda sucker would diss his own mother?
The same freakin type that would diss his own brother
The same freakin type that would snitch his own friend out
Come equipped from a lick and leave his men out
It makes sense now, I pull my pen ut
Niggas just lucky I ain't pull a Mac-10 out
Start blastin, catchin bodies and gaspin
And skatin off out of the party like I'm in Aspen
Drivin home drunk full-speed without crashin
And any other reckless shit you can imagine
Niggas bleed like us, I draw first blood
Roll up on his bitch like get her purse up
I'm hungry, thirsty, I been through wars
But I cut the competition like them jitsu swords
So when it comes to what I'm doin, fuck what you will take
This is like the bloodsport and I'ma win the kumite


[ VERSE 3: Pacewon ]
Who's the rude dude with the 'tude, is it you?
I heard you been in rehab, is it true?
Cause that's my little vision of you, is it screwed?
A vision where I take your spot, is it crude?
What freakin set you claim, is it blue?
The freakin hate you feel towards me, is it new?
These fellas playin with rap to get some money
Not care about who they cross, fellas are funny
Cause these fellas that they cross are still hungry
And schemin on kickin they heads in like rugby
So do yourself a favor before this gets ugly
Load up a gat, come through my block and slug me
Cause I'm about to snap and gas up the buggy
And drive up to homeboy house and hurt somebody
Think about that when the waters get muddy
And if I get your ass I'ma jam, it's gettin bloody