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Artist: Outlawz f/ Tech N9ne 
Album:  Perfect Timing
Song:   New Years
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[Young Noble]
Sexy should be a felony she lookin so damn good
so classy, yet she's so damn hood
And when the bottles get to poppin
and that smoke get to smokin
bust this thang wide open

[Hussein Fatal]
I'm losing my cool, the way she movin in that skirt
The heavy trill killing me look it's goin up her shirt

And she don't need no push up bra, shorty already a star
no ass shots bomb ready for passion

[Hussein Fatal]
And I'm guilty of stalking
somebody take me to the judge, addicted to sexiness
so I'm a victim to her love

[Young Noble]
Twisting the smoke up I'm watchin while she dippin it lower
This is a outlaw party have a toast with my soldiers

Thug Niggaz till we die
Take your bottles of henny
Snappin pictures with my semy on my waistline

[Hussein Fatal]
She makin me crazy, she got me bustin out my pants
This party ain't private, but I just wanna see her dance

Make your way to the floor (to the floor)
Take your heels off nigga move slow (C'mon)
It's goin down in this bitch... yeah... yeah
Heyyyy... We gon party like it's new year
hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey
It's goin down in this bitch... yeah... yeah
Heyyyy... We gon party like it's new year
It's goin down in this bitch... yeah... yeah
Heyyyy... We gon party like it's new year

I put my whips on match like my chicks to my hats I am,
Way too fresh, nuthin less hundred stacks on me
H tried to push up I pushed back on 'em
Thought I was slippin Switched up and click clacked on 'em

[Young Noble]
Put it in the air...
Order up another round soda like a movie
The way the shit is going down
Pools for the pictures, this is real business
And my grind is relentless, tryina touch if you sick

[Hussein Fatal]
And bottle start poppin like sixteen
Only a G know how to grab a dirty thing and get clean
Them hot king kong ain't got shit on me
I'm on a chick with a onion that ain't shit on be

And we lost in the moment
The memory is the rose
shorty got her hands all over man

[Young Noble]
And she can't keep a huff man
baby girl is bossy
gettin money is costly
shorty ready to party...c'mon


[Tech N9ne]
Enough is fightin limit in me
Enemies sight me and then it's friendly
Wanna be like the women dingy
Finna be fight but then ain't envy
Nuthin but a thang my stuff is rougher
Mack is the half of hustlers stab then I have to cut your stuff up
Then pass to my asthma buffer
True story bitches looking for you for real
Let lose part of your digged to much new hard as a fiend
Tryina give something more to thing, starting your dream
It's Tech nino with his all new regime
Thuggin like a south ball
Drinkin like an outlaw
Party like it's new years
Hit it then I'm out y'all
We hit the town and put it down without stop
Step in the club and make their motherfuckin mouths fall
Tech N9ne....