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Artist: Outlawz f/ Willie D (Geto Boys)
Album:  Neva Surrenda: The Rap-A-Lot Sessions
Song:   Move Something
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[Intro: Willie D Talking]
To the top, ha ha ha
Cause you know that's where we're going with this shit, right? 
Question; what you think would happen?!
If you put the realest niggaz down south, on a Mike Dean track
With the realest niggaz from the West Coast!
You will have, the Trigger Happy motherfucking Geto Boys
Bringing the noise with the Outlawz
All competions is datable, cause our record is impeccable

[Verse One: Willie D]
Misery love company while these niggaz wanna see me fall
My .44 Magnum make them crawl, fuck them all
I don't need them, they die like mutts
In the middle of the streets, with a slug in their guts
These niggaz saying that I can't rap, now, look who bucked?
A bunch of broke ass niggaz, who ain't got nothing
I'm motivated, to get the cheese
Rap shit played out, I'ma move to keys
As simple as that..

[Chorus: EDI Amin]
You better.. move something, if you want something
Paper chasing, motivation, gets my money coming
One in a million motherfuckers gonna make to where I made it
Broken and activated, I can see that you hate it
But hate on, and I'ma get my money right
Play on, all day long, you need to get your game tight
Later on, and I'ma get my money right
Play on, all day long, you need to get your game tight

[Verse Two: Kastro]
I just might pull a trive stuff 
That'll get my strike up, ride 'til I bite dust
For all you livers; tough talk must want
Put your beef on the street, put your feet on a creep
Keep your hand on your heat
A lot of big bros, snitch folks, holler out when they whistle
We'll run that, bring some of that, why you ?? so pitiful?
I know you call, play first, just in this role
Now, I don't call with no punk that have me no love
Where your hustle at? - ?? back and muscle right there
So when you rumble back, every one stacking for real
Leave my stacking to live, I'm just stacking some more
You niggaz acting for real, ain't seen no drama before

[Verse Three: Napoleon]
Nigga, this shit definite, will retend your body
You got no Oxygen to resole with this breath of your life
I'll overcrossing it to the overdose
The youngest body see sneaks on the westcoast
There ain't no mummy strip us at divert coast
I'm comatosed, funny making
You got the Acting Up, I'll get the Jaw Breaking
I'm taking them, this shit is in my plate
You niggaz taking it, it's real tonight
Some roll around the block, and got in the fist fight
It's me, moves as Napoleon, we're known to dress as real tight
Spotting the realest killers niggaz when 'Pac got life
Nigga, I'm telling you, you better take your bat with your fate
This shit is a prevalent
And dead or alive, this shit is inherits
The Outlawz to the laws that's begging to live some more

[Chorus: EDI Amin]

[Verse Four: EDI Amin & Young Noble]
Everyday, I hustle 'til I bubble, struggle 'til I juggle
So bitch you know, we don't love you
Fuck you!! - I don't trust you
The game ain't tight
And then, you're walking around acting like the game ain't right
Complain, all day about how you can't get paid
Winding instead of grinding all day
Man, that's the wrong way
Kingpin, on the good day
The scene's looking real lovely 
To keep the nigga hardly looking buggie
For me, you'll get the shit
I don't owe you nothing
So miss with all that ethic paid story walking
The same shit happening often
You caught up slipping? 
Now you're sleeping in the coffin, while I'm meeting at the office
Don't call that's my fault
That you're laying on the asphalt
Trying to take everything I'm busting my ass for
I know that's from my dreams, demon cutting the scene
I'm like a fiend, when it comes to this shit
Want anything, game tight, game tight
Outlaw all night, Outlawz, ugh

[Chorus: EDI Amin]