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Artist: Outlawz f/ Chamillionaire
Album:  Killuminati 2K11
Song:   One Way
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[Verse 1: Hussein Fatal]
White tee money gang
We staying with the fitted on
Pockets on Rose, crip tryna get it on
Lounging, dirty Sprite, even dirtier
Thoughts on how to come up on a Thursday night
If it ain't about bread I don't kick no knowledge
You wanna learn something?
Take your broke ass to college
I ain't a role model, crack don't stop
Get the money then we money grabbing back up top
But naw, I ain't flashing mine
See the flash on my rings
Waving a hammer like a glass of wine. What else?
It's MOE, I told the judge I ain't budge
It's was him or me

[Chorus: Chamillionaire]
Only one way in, one way out
When you get in this game, you gotta plan your way out
Streets is a maze, if you make it out
Just tryna get paid, it's a muthaf-ckin drought
It's so easy to be all about my money living these days
Niggas tryna get something from me, but no..

I know, I know
I know, I know
I know, I know
I know, I know

[Verse 2: E.D.I.]
Sucka niggas is blonde bimbos
Edie Hathaway, I'm jumping out the window
Act got the beat jumpin' like Timbo
Land we flying, crash like simbo?
Look here, I'm bossed up in my Outlaw eyewear
Tell 'em niggas I'm out here yeah
Warrior shit and ain't a foot of glorious shit
Getting to the money, bound to get more of this shit
Cause we hustle all day and all night
And we ain't stopping til we get it right
C'mon! Cause we hustle all day and all night
And we ain't stopping til we get it right

[Verse 3: Young Noble]
I can show you, better than I could tell you
If you really from the hood every ghetto is familiar
Everybody struggling, everybody hustling
Tryna make ends' meet, got us laying 6 feet deep
On your knees, I'mma get it, listen
I ain't trickin on these bitches
Bet I'm stacking my digits, listen
Let's get it!
When you doing good everybody f-cking with you
When that drought hit, ain't nobody f-cking with you
I'm just tryna paint a picture, hopin' you could see
Real niggas can make it, it's up to you and me
Tryna find light through the darkness
Insane, no love in the land of the heartless
I'mma get mine

[Chorus: Chamillionaire]

[Verse 4 : Chamillionaire]
The birds fly South, but I was headed North
Watching while my parents dealing with divorce
Also was watching Diddy chilling in The Source
Thinking that I'm about to get it, bout to kill a corpse
They say the court was the better way to get a Porsche
I said of course, but everybody isn't good at sports
Can't get endorsed when you always sitting in the courts
And anyway, the money love me like it's intercourse
So now I gotta get a voice
I gotta hop up out the hoopty and go get a Royce
Government make you feel like you don't get a choice
Pass the torch and when we coming for you...

[Chorus: Chamillionaire]