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Artist: OutKast	
Album:  Nothing To Lose Soundtrack
Song:   Everlasting
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Now sittin' in the bathtub listening to the Isley
Brothers and others outside my door want to despise me
Reminds me that everyone ain't cool the world is jealous
Never could understand when my momma use to tell us
"Don't take your food outside around your friends
Unless you got enough to feed the neighborhood"
The play has just began, follow me now
Act 1 scene 2 the date 1/1/96 the time I don't know
Mood disturbed, Dre goes on to say they trying to get over
Like them niggas with the blinker on, I got my thinker on
So I'm like word, However you want to act is fine
That is real as fishing rods I might be kissing God
But I'm still in the battle so if you got cattle you best be fasting
For 7 days and 7 nights we everlasting
20 years young on a quest to get my class ring just for them fhite wolks
I will if it's the last thing 
I do


Yeah, slick knowhatI'msayin'? I'm gonna tell you like this. Just cause I
live the apartment don't mean you can keep puttin' notes under my
windshield I tell you shortie gonna bust your ass about that shit.

[Big Boi]:
Hey y'all hey y'all hey y'all hoes
Back up in this bitch rippin' tracks like I'm suppose
Tommy and Ralph Lauren don't like niggas to wear they clothes
Where your proof at? Who's that? Talking shit like those
Keepin' the rumors up, I wish I lived in a fuckin' cage
I ride the streets in Lexus all these hoes wanna be saved
Go to college get a job because all you want to do is shake
I use to hit club niggas but I gave taht shit a break
Just like Maaco, Waco, burn it to the ground
I bet you eatin' pork when your partners ain't around
Backdraft things are Shaft slapping these hoes 
Just like he's suppose to, quote you 
"[Big Boi] is the pimp ass nigga that formed you"
Like pottery, sloppily playin' hoes the lotteries
OutKast did the dirt and now you swear your shit is poppin' see You bit
beats, we makin' hits so give me your flag back
I'm living in the SWATS so you may call me Daddy Fatsack
Yeah you know what I'm sayin'? Like this. Everlasting


[Big Boi]
One in a million men passing the J off in the culture
Don't y'all smoke a couple of pounds and get tore up y'all
And tear the devil headquarter down to the grizzound
Is how we hti house and puff a couple of good pounds 
Of good weed, PeeWee, my nigga Little Beewee
We need a 50 box of Phillies and some bouncin' titties
From the magic the flame niggas too is sharin' sequals
Never payin' for no pussy 
You can shake it you can keep it to your self hoe

You left your morals at the door, when you steeped in crept in
Nigga this baby is at the beach so now you wondering
Why your nigga done bust you in the fore, head
Ain't no respect there so you just assed out like breech
Delivery slivery got you swung on these types of things 
Go on from here to Bornhome to London
England, Wall Street to y'all street 
Sometime I get bewildered and it throws a nigga like me off beat
But I'm back on it
Because we last forever sound good don't it?
Rattling in your trunks like Fambu and the component
Said that's it, man fuck that shit
On and on and on and I'm out