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Artist: Othorized F.A.M.
Album:  Hot Like Sahara Sand
Song:   Fuckboy
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Lounge Lo]
Let me light this booga, man
Take a stroll down Park Hill Road
Cyanide City, Staten Island Most Popular Son, let's go

[Lounge Lo]
I see I gotta lollypop 'em, chill, dog
Your hardly got 'em, could of been your ricochet that probably shot 'em
Me, I'm from here, so you know I gotta definetly pop 'em
Slither up close, and hit 'em from the top to bottom
That's what I do, guns, man, I load and cock 'em
With the coke up, come back like Cola's product
I'm a grown man, good math and know my profit
I'm like Cutty Ranks, stop it, stop it, stop it
The son of a bitch, yeah, man, you not the topic
Keep your lean going, just stay out of my pocket
I'm in the Coupe gang, you know the two seater roof off
Easy to blam, right off the string
I'm still posted, right where it's two kings
Me and my self, by the Ooh where they do things
And fuck what you fuckboys say, I'mma keep doing
Long as you don't touch me, boy, then you could showing

[Chorus: Lounge Lo]
Why everybody gotta mosh with kid
I don't know, they don't even rock wit big
Stop hating on Yessa, get your sausages
What you think Lounge Lo ain't got cartidges
Shit, ya'll niggas got far from this
You hopskotch fuckboys all but miss
Say why everybody gotta mosh with kid
I don't know, they don't even rock wit big

[Lounge Lo]
You must of forgot, I'm Staten Island, Park Hill
Targhee Street, One Sixty where the God chill
I just a linger when I'm taking them hard pills
I get right in the game, when I'm knowing my squad kill
Stones all over world just rock wit me
And do the two-step, B, I got a new rep
And do what I wanna do, blam off the new tech
Still in the ghetto, where some people getting two checks
Got a connect, where get two birds and two skets
Gossip niggas that come up, like who's next
I'm well liked from New York to Cali
Put your head right in the bag, have it sent to the valley
Long range on some extracurricular snipe shit
I ride the wave high, like this is my hype, bitch
I'm where the cars be, we on some nice shit
I call my man up, like this I like this