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Artist: Othorized F.A.M. f/ Killerman Archer
Album:  Hot Like Sahara Sand
Song:   Choose Ya Weapon
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Lounge Lo]
It's the Wu and the Stat, we coming at you, watch your back
Check this track that I rap to, and trap you
Live and direct, Killa Hill Projects
Same shit different day, son, Protect Ya Neck
Polly, best tsunami fatigure, that's in my league
Stomp the ground, body down, we puff trees
Every day all day, Staten Island raw way
The gunplay, the lost and gold way, and I say
"Watch these rap niggas get all up in your guts" - Method Man
Loungin' in the cut, on some Shaolin what
Federation invincible, to my son, number one principle
Never deny, I gotta listen to
What he gotta say, it might be good for my health
No tips in '96, get the weed and wealth
The rapping, Othorized 'dirty' like the 'bastard'

[Chorus 2X: samples]
"Choose the sword"
"Where's you tool?"
"Choose the ball"
"Where's you tool?"
"Choose the sword"
"Oh fuck this too"
"Choose the ball"
"Ooh, rock this control"

[Shawn Wigs]
I done chose the sword, swinging it at your melon
Lyrically I got you slicing tongue, and I'm gelling
Out the box, grab my jewels and my tools
Crab niggas coming, get stepped like stools
Rules is broken, if you enter the Chamber
United Kingdom and Shaolin, Wu danger
Changing in Brooklyn, now that be the wrong way
Born in Broadway, but if you want it your way
I chose my section and my order of protection
Deck probably be stepping, if you faulty with your weapon
Cuz I done sharpen my tool, out of stone
Go 'head, ya bones, took the locks out the zone

[Chorus 2X]

*Killerman Archer doing his thing*

[Chorus 2X]

[Crunch Lo]
Gats for weapons, step in my section
I be biting kids, like rocking to some Tekken
The man fully prepared, got him squared in my zone
Hold it down, hold your own, pack the chrome
If my brims, stash it in your Timbs, crack bones and limbs
The lesser crews sins for him
So wins down here, we got the whole shit locked
Shaolin, real niggas here to fuck up shop
Son, I know the flow's ill, I got to see these bills
The verbal max spill and it's hot like steel
Oh well we chop weed, coming through, I got 'em ducking
Watch the hottest niggas that be rucking, hot like loving
So clear away from the flames, the boy's unchained
Crunch Lo, remember the name
Yo, the kids from the Stat, choose that so move back
Ten spaces, out of the cutter, before I laced it

[Chorus 2X]

It's the martian, bumping through your whole defense
Who's hoe's possessed, who's the best on your deck
He act and, he surrender, in my lands this timber
Remember on the spot, holding Timbies like a vendor
I pack it no way, like slow ways on a brim
Truck armored tracks with my basic instinct
A murderous pedigrees, fulled in my fantasies
Rhyme always like water's in seas
Best believe, don't make me, got me going off/on
Got to orchestrate rhyme, but I don't know how you gots the heart
For Dusty Williams, Crazy Ed and Running Mad Dog
Purple Rain, then you acting beyond
I see you shine in sleep, uncharted waters
See you shine in sleep, uncharted waters
See you shine in sleep, uncharted waters
I'm out, don't step to the waters

[Chorus 4X]