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Artist: Omni
Album:  Burgundy Brown
Song:   Signs
Typed by: iamomni dot com

attack like flash floods, bust water manes
I drown anybody, fuck with me
fires make my blood boil
can't live with ought me, can't take a shit with ought me
no one can hear you scream, in my heart I feel you drowning
I've been around the world, traveled through strange lands
call my name if you want the dark side, rain dance
chinese torture, baptize babies, wash the hands of killers and thieves
drip drops drove man crazy
flowing in and out of tunnels through the veins of the city
banging the lead off of rusty pipes, I'm taking it with me
I look you dead in the face with the power of the god aquarius
one out of 3 angles, check comparisons

earthquakes for a new start, mass destruction
the sign of the taurus
aggravated, smashed production
leave me alone, I'm a simple man, I know where I stand
keep it moving never let another human fuck with the plan
wildfires, tidal waves, hurricanes and thangs
whatever you do, don't underestimate the brain
at 100%, I bring truth to telekinesis
when continents shift, it's me putting together the pieces
war stories from rhowanda, designers hunting
elephant tusks, rainforests left as tree trunk stumps
echinacea, you can't stop the power of mother nature
one out of three angles, check comparisons

fire burns, how many touches does it take to learn
don't fuck with the aries temple, to whom it may concern
watch me spread faster than the plague
blue, yellow, red
base, body, head
put the flame to the thread
ignite the dynamite stick, the smokes thick
where's my roach clip, its burning my finger tips and lips
inhail the brush fire, follow the light
another power sign, one out of three angles
check comparisons

wind blows through the cracks of windows; I carry the word if you haven't heard
I'm letting you know, don't get me stirred up
I freeze mountains, throw cows, lift houses, tornadoes
I can't be disabled, I stay grounded
send the santa ana winds and they kick up dust and mess shit up
the best of luck, there's no escaping this
breath the air born, you're lucky your warned