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Artist: Omni
Album:  Burgundy Brown
Song:   Geneva
Typed by: iamomni dot com

another face in the crowd
how you been
it's been a while
I just got back in town
and it feels good to be home
i've been gone for so long
just holding on
every time I call something's wrong
what's going on
it's been hard on me too
did you get the card I sent you
I missed you
I was caught up
if I didn't call I meant to
we got issues to skim through
you know how it is
having business to attend to
family and friends too
on top of that and then you
I blow a kiss
I'm in the mix with all the evil that men do
to get rich
it's the way it is
the way I live
I don't budge or bend
I'm out the door again
I'm out for more again
guilty with good reason
I'm even
monday evening
I flew in for the weekend
the city's breathing
it's freezin'
if I'm over here you must be
you went and got a puppy
you won't leave me if you love me
this isn't easy
trust me

gotta go
I'll be back
I don't know
to be exact
I need to know
will you wait for me?
gotta go
I'll be back
I don't know
to be exact
but I need to know
will you wait for me?

alright wish me luck
my time is up
I'm outta here
my bags are packed
baby where's my hat
and fast the cab is here
I hope you understand it's for my career
I can't stop here
I sacrified years
blood, sweat and tears
you say you're happy for me
but the look on your face tells a different story
I'll be home shortly
turn your ringer up on the phone for me
don't worry
I'm in a hurry
I'm gonna be late
my planes boarding
every time I walk away
and say goodbye
you pout and cry
I take the time to dry your eye
girl you can't come with me
are you kidding me?
I'm too busy
and plus accomodations are if-y
you have every right to put up a fight
I ain't right
I'm out every night
and plus you're scared for my life
'cause in the end you pay the price
it's gon' be alright
I gotta catch a flight
goodbye for now


I'm going all out now
fishing around
putting it down
they give it up
they love the sound
I make my rounds
autograph, hugs and pounds
every day's a different place
my name's announced
I make it count
I live to tell
I hate to fail
I often dwell
I be like oh well
it's hell to end though
moving at the speed of light
looking out my window
spin the globe
when I least control
that's when it sucks me in
it just begins
it never ends
here we go again
I got a job to do
I can't relax
I'm on the map
time lapse
channels, gaps, canals
I work it out
nothing can stop me now
I'm highly addicted now
my numbers are listed now
ask around
I can't be found
call the hounds to track me down
I'll get away somehow
somehow I'll break them chains
spread my wings
travel the earth in search for better things
but now

repeat chorus