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Artist: Ol' Dirty Bastard f/ Nicole Ray
Album:  Welcome Home 12"
Song:   Welcome Home
Typed by: CnoEvil@Wu-Lyricz.Com

[Intro: Nicole Ray (Ol' Dirty Bastard)]
Dirt Dog, Nicole Ray
Welcome home, you Dirty mutha-- Wu!!!
(2003, Brooklyn, Dirt Dog, Dirt Dog)

[Hook 4X: Nicole Ray]
Uh oh, Dirt Dog

[Chorus: Nicole Ray]
It's been so long (so long)
Since you've been gone (been gone)
So bring my body some heat (some heat)
To move slow to this beat (yeah, yeah)

[Ol' Dirty Bastard]
Dirt, the ol' shit, let me put my hands up your skirt
Been to you since I flirt, bet your knees get hurt
See your titties through your shirt, may I feel like Kurt
In bed, I put in work, I got a dick I'll squirt
I'm totally psyched, that this party all night
When I play the shelf, I'm fuckin' bitches, that ain't my hype
I got ass in my sight, girl, would you now blowin' the pipe
Jewelry, I wear, bite, I like that pussy tight!
Find my drugs in the street, stink assholes in seats
Holla at me, tweet, tweet, that's where the fucked up feet
Banana livin' bitches, fast it itches
Unwire Gucci stitches, get grain to riches
Get off the jock!

[Hook 4X]

[Ol' Dirty Bastard]
Let this bitch, pussy switch
I'm a dog, I itch, monkey, I'm rich
Settled in Brooklyn, only let crooks in
Ghetto black pussy, yeah, I fit in
Nigga, I'm most in, party's I'm hostin'
My note to cokes in, do the front row sting
Put your hot temperature, your pussy sent ya
Over here, I pimp ya, white and black I blend ya
Dick up like a roaster, you be like whose the
My music will lose ya, you miniture
I got this microphone, pulled back and cocked
And all sperm cells get off the jock!
Get off the jock! Yeah

[Hook 4X]


[Bridge: Nicole Ray]
When you play that song
We be dancin' all night long
Feelin' sexy and so free
Music takin' over me

[Hook & Bridge to the end]

[Outro: Ol' Dirty Bastard]
Hot for you, comin' soon
Dirt McGirt..