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Artist: Ol' Dirty Bastard
Album:  Build Me Up (Premix) (S)
Song:   Build Me Up (Premix)
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[Chorus: Ol' Dirty Bastard]
Why do you build me up (build me up) buttercup
Baby just to let me down (just to let me down)
Mess me around, and the worst of all (worst of all)
You never call baby when you say you will (when you say you will)
But I love you still, I need you! (I need you!)
More than anyone darling; you know that I have from the start
Build me up (build me up) Buttercup, don't break my heart

[Ol' Dirty Bastard]
You said that you loved me
But hey, when I was locked up you never sent no commissary
I called your house, I wrote you pleasures, baby, everyday
My emotions' fragile, bitch, you better learn not to play
This Ol' Dirty heart is work of art, perfect start
Me and you can shop for cars
Sometimes used, slightly bruised
Two for me and one for you
We can buy a pair of shoes
Planned it up and share a few
You can eat, come out too, that's how much I care for you
And you and you and you and you and you and you


[Ol' Dirty Bastard]
Girl, you're bringing me to my knees
Stop acting like such a tease
I know you wanna get my G's, but I'm the O.D.B.
Don't listen to your mama when she tells you not to play in the Dirt
Cuz God made Dirt and Dirt don't hurt
Even your sister's throwing Dirt like Dirt Dog don't work
But I got Dirt under my nails from working hard as hell
Plus seeing your fine ass make me hard as hell
I never ever ever ever ever ever had a heart to bail
Is it forever ever ever, you my heart as well
And she don't ever take the time to build


[Ol' Dirty Bastard]
Girl, the way you give brains to me
Makes me feel so happy
I don't think you understand
You're taking me to Wonderland
(Oh what you do for me)
Is a perfect treat for me
(Oh what you do for me)
Cuz you're the freak for me
(Oh what you do for me)
Is a perfect treat for me
That you're the one for me
Girl, the way you give brains to me...