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Artist: Oddisee
Album:  People Hear What They See
Song:   Way in Way Out
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[ VERSE 1: Oddisee ]
It go
One man's trash is another man's treasure
But most men treasure what other men have
Little is thrown away to the many that will never
Grasp what the few view as pennies in the grass
And underneath the grass are the roots of inequality
Creatin all the bumps we come across in the path
And I don't have a green thumb and neither do my niggas
And havin a money tree is a luxury of class
The only 'hoe' I know got a flatterin ass
And when I asked could she dig it, she looked at me and laughed
See, we crabs in a barrel and the barrel is glass
So we broke, crack was the answer to cash
But the question was never asked how we get off the path
Steady walkin in a maze the was built in the last
Century, eventually we'll raise our hands
But the teacher is a part of the scam, goddamn

Got me lookin for a way out, a way out, way out
Runnin down a fire escape to to get away
Got me lookin for a way in, a way in, way in
Got me peepin through your doors and your windows

[ VERSE 2: Oddisee ]
I'm a product of the environment that I was brought up in
Material things I'm caught up in
Hustlin, a product that creates the production
A plus then for shackles that resemble circumference
My world, my word, I'm runnin from my block
Right into your Wall...Street
That when I see up close is just prop
Designed to keep me cropped
Outside of the picture that pictures my people in defeat
I'm cookin up the books like a communist bonfire
And tell Uncle Sam I forgot the receipts
He gon' call me a liar and I'ma call him a thief
But the jury lookin like him and enjoyin lookin at me
At my arraignment screamin
All us blacks got is sports and entertainment and a belief in
Religion as the answer to the grievin
Believin that the blessed get test' and the less get even


[ EPILOGUE: Oddisee ]
Runnin away from trouble got me runnin into you
Runnin away from darkness got me runnin into view
Runnin towards all the lights runnin from blue and whites
Runnin for you by day hope I run into you by night
Runnin for an election to run the country for who?
Run and tell all the news that you run it for somethin true
Run it into the ground, run it into a tomb
Run it till there's nothing, runnin until we lose