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Artist: Oddisee
Album:  People Hear What They See
Song:   Think of Things
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(What more can I say)  --> Milk Dee

I'm feelin so good right now
As if everything I'm sayin understood right now
Usually I'm all biz, preoccupied with should's
But now a brother playin with some could's right now
See I could just dial up this smile I ain't seen in a while
Fuck, or I have a night on town, shucks
I love options, good life now

(What more can I say)
Well I can think of a few things

I'm tryina keep my levels of stress down
Not get all worked up when I get let down
Just keep my work up, prepare for the next round
Work out, it'll work out, flex now
Try to have the answers in advance to the next how
So doin won't be much of a test now
Want a better future, better give it your best now

(What more can I say)
Well I could think of a few things

Politics I might get involved in
But knowin me I'll probably get endorsed by the wrong men
Shady individuals who make the law bend
And when I got a problem always tell me to call them
I might learn to trade and invest in the market
I know a guy that knows a guy who works in the mosh pit
My inside trader with stock tips...

(What more can I say)
Well I can think of a few things

I'm all about preservin my time
Not everybody sendin messages deserves a reply
In this is generation of now urgency's high
If you subscribe, then your nerves'll be fried
So I learned to be quiet
Cause loud don't always mean live
You wanna rise but don't deserve to be fly

(What more can I say)
Well I can think of a few things

Peace out to PG county
MoCo, VA and all the surrounding
Areas of DC, I rep that proudly
Bump this through your speakers like your reefer - loudly
I'm a Largo nigga, Toine what's up, Mo
Marlboro all-stars out for that gusto
Till the day I die, though, the Budget is Low

(What more can I say)
Well I can think of a few things

I'm tryina get my family, my team straight
Get us to the point we don't need plates
All eatin off the same tray and with our hands
It's cultural, my family from the Sudan
From the buildings of the pyramids to pyramid schemes
( ? ), I am a victim of American Greed
I succeed as if it was a part of the plan, indeed

(What more can I say)