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Artist: Oddisee
Album:  People Hear What They See
Song:   That Real
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Before I knew what I was doin I was tryina do somethin
That's the definition, listen, of a know-it-all young'n
Hard-headed, hardly headed in directions I intended
Where I ended was deaded, like no exit 'cept the entrance
Now I'm makin my entrance as If I'm hoppin the fences
Thinkin I'm big pimpin when really I'm just an infant
Adolescent at best, had a lesson in livin
Given to me the stress, inherited with the vision
Wool over my eyes, blue say is the sky?
Grey is the true color, but who sayeth the why?
So do that make me pessimistic
If I feel I'm aight but the best at this shit?
Niggas say I'm cool, shorties say I'm they lipstick
On the tip of they tongue is my lyrics they whisperin
Let's make it apply, right place and the time
Tight space, and the vibe is right for lacin a rhyme
Might say I'm the prime, light laced in the lime
Bittersweet is the beat and together taste is divine
Lemonade in my shine, dimmer shade in my blind
Spots in my mirror, forward, never rewind
Plots vividly clearer, not sayin that I'm
Knowin just what I'm doin, but got faith in my grind
So stop haters, you lyin if you sayin you get it how I get it
Swab test you failed, can't spit it how I spit it

One of these days, baby, I hope to be
(So real)
Whatever that means, it's all that I hope to be
(So real)
One of the days, baby, I hope to be
(So real)

They sayin: O bring that real shit, somethin you can feel shit
Numb to that dumb-it-down, spun-overkill shit
Run-overhill shit, dated like the fifth wheel
Hate it when they made it but they praise it just to get deals
Me, never that, mane, that's never happenin
See, I be rappin for that feeling I got back when
I was ridin on a big wheel
When friends owin me a dollar was a big deal
Sunday night, grandmama cook the big meal
Meanin that I do it for the innocents in it still
And if I'm naive, fuck it man, shit will
Seem better even though the weather seem chill
Spleen chills at the idea of seemin fake
Even though imitation makes mean bills
I mean, innovation'll get you recognition
But 'keep it real' is really code for 'the check is missin'
And that's cool, cause me, I'm a realist
Optimistically drinkin from the glass of the pessimistic
Baby check it, listen