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Artist: Oddisee
Album:  People Hear What They See
Song:   The Need Superficial
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[ VERSE 1: Oddisee ]
Hot damn son, where should I start?
On my sleeves I was wearin my heart
My beliefs I was tearin apart
She was my religion I declared as a art
I idolized her, itemized her
Fiend for the esteem I secrete and supplied her
For I too am to blame for I used her
To view her as a living proclaim, I'm not a loser
To walk next to her you'd understand
To be her man most think that you'd have to throw a check to her
I mean, dog, I fooled off the might that I get
When brothers'd drool off the sight of the chick that I'm with
Excite's the word to describe bein next to something that's desired
To possess requires obsession
I need her in my life so she I invest in

[ Oliver Daysoul ]
Superficial, super loving

[ VERSE 2: Oddisee ]
Most things bein chased don't wanna be
But she keep a pace where her face stay in front of me
What a great catch, don't let her get near
My biggest fear is that my interest would disappear
I ain't escape yet, but in time I'll find somethin to climb for the challenge of it mere
Sweet nothings in the ear of my next here
My dear in the making I make tears
From the faces of beauty I've turned ugly
I want you to want me to be unclear
So good at courtin
And yet keepin I ain't quite perfected - I'm just horrid
Steady deceivin myself
Believin I ain't leavin for somebody else
It's a cycle that I just can't get through
I love her right now, though, superficial