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Artist: Oddisee
Album:  People Hear What They See
Song:   Maybes
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[ VERSE 1: Oddisee ]
Sorry I called too many times
The way you left me earlier left plenty on my mind
So heavy on the grind
Sayin I ain't deservin you, blamin me for the fall
Or the decline, I ain't involved in us
My heart of ice left you salty, dissolvin trust
I know I'm faulty but, that's not a crime
In 48 hours we'll be fine like Nolte
Normally that's like the case, but this time around
I'm bent around five, intent just to dial
Your number, wonder, we could reconcile
If we could work it out, like plumbers
There's water under, the bridge, we crossed it
It's ire when we fight so that bridge, we lost it
Let me pipe down, emulatin a faucet
I'm smokin like a muffler, you got me exhausted

[ CHORUS: Ralph Real ]
Maybe I've been drinkin, maybe I've been smokin
But baby I've been thinkin, that maybe we're just broken
And maybe we can't fix it, maybe we're just hopeless
Or maybe we need romance, maybe we'll just hold hands

[ VERSE 2: Oddisee ]
It's me again, in need again, I'm really high
See, what I see us bein in, we pretend
This never happened, look
I'm really smacked and shook
That weed begin, to kick in action
Don't get it twisted cause these thoughts are with reasoning
I go and twist it, yeah, I'm lifted
Spoken like I'm truly broken so you can get it and we can fix it
Our happy home had a foreclosure and we evicted
So now our clothes are sittin on the street
And I sifted through my sleeves to find my heart still had a beat
Now that's thrifty, so is you with me?
Seemed like I'm tailored new, why you tryina rip me?
I know I sounded sincere when I said that it was over
Don't ever listen to me when I'm sober