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Artist: Oddisee
Album:  The Beauty In All
Song:   Yeah & Nah
Typed by: @Oddisee

I've been learning how to be quite
I've been learning how to be violent
have my demonstration in silence
or just end the waiting with riots
put my business out in that street or be discreet with
mine & keep minding
turn that cheek of mine & keep smiling
or my peeps & I be wild'ing
all these rules are made for up holding, pick up pieces of them I broke &
best protect my neck
cause inspector deck said they be out for your throat &
I'm just breathing out in the open being
fresh is all that I know &
just now learning bout discern & how we reap the gaurme we sewing/
Yeah my karma bad & I know it, any heart I've had, I stole it
got a haunted past & a daunting task
of owning up to my colon
any mess I made from a dress I dropped & the dresser top where I left a note
expressing why myself & I just shut the door & left the spot was definitely not
the smartest choice but heart & voice ain't eye to eye
bird & bee sting ain't a you & thing
just the laws that this life applied
that I'm living by & I'm getting by
& this is why, I watch my back
when karma attacks I just want to be ready
but ain't no preparing for that
One eye always open, attentions undivided/focusing while y'all scoping in
on the moves I make
cause I'm rising
yeast flow from the east coast
3 piece flow this bespoke
never off of consignment, what y'all speak I don't be buying/
Judge a nigga off what he do, not what he say or who he with
y'all talk but ain't even bout shit
let them keep gossiping, don't mind them
Pathetic really find them
cause their future seems behind them
they mad at me cause gradually
presume with my inclining
I got no choice, this all I know, this all I want, this all I do
don't blame me, you the man in the mirror & your fingers pointing, all at you
while y'all was drinking & smoking, I was thinking knowing this happen
y'all was hoping for action, I was making so a ship
with a captan
cutting out all the distractions
can't make a living relaxing
already learned, nobody giving turns
that is no question so I don't bother asking
i'a just go the max & stay on the
path & burn this shit is lasting
life is a test of your nerves
& only a bitch would think I'm a bastard, word
Is all bout business, yes & no
All for the music & lyrics, yes & no
Do I fuck with niggas, yes & no
Do I care about who gon hear this, yes & no
Am I in it for the fame, yes & no
Do I care if you know my name, yes & no
& do I like to entertain, yes & no
Am I really built for this game, yes & no