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Artist: Oddisee
Album:  The Beauty In All
Song:   Tangible Dream
Typed by: @Oddisee

I got dreams of being a rich nigga
a wealthy man is to grand to fit in the big picture
& being broke ain't even in the scope, so what's the plan
I started thinking like really though, what does money get you
a lot of flights & a lot of nights with some loose women
a lot of hype is it really worth it, the truth's pending
& I ain't waiting until the verdict is out
I'm trying to be what I heard I'm about & that's me
that's something you don't see because fronting is what we are used to
well guess I'm out this mother fucker looking like the future
black man in Norway it's not another prejudice
while you can had your preference I'ma be black all day
I'ma be out on Broadway with hands full of bags
& can't get a fucking cab though the color of my cash
is the same green as yours am I angry of course
but can't nothing detained me from my cause
This is a tangible dream
they try to tell you that it's not but that's apart of the scheme
My old soul remains forever young 
i've done it all & still I'm doing shit that I a'int ever done
& that depends on your definition of winning
I ain't start it from the bottom I started from the beginning
born up in uptown, PG is where I lived
slept in a dresser draw when we couldn't afford a crib
parents got a divorce my father got him a biz
my mother remained poor & I was
caught in the mix
now I'm eating fried chicken while talking bout philosophy 
debate the economy while clogging up my arteries
I'm ghetto bouchee nigga so all that shit is apart of me
gave a nigga an inch when all I want is yard see
poverty under palm trees
chilling near a grave
& the grove is with arms reach
but thanks to gravity apples is on the ground
& I use my GPS for the scrounge
show what I already found
So what are you bitching about
niggas want to ball with the players & mad they sitting out
I mean at least you have a chair yet you stand for nothing
you'll fall for anything focused on never missing out
You know it's fall, I got the layers all sticking out
wax cotton on the jacket like I'm rabbit hunting
gentry, on a bike passing your Bentley
cycling with a broad while your passenger seat is empty
lord, she say I'm different I take her to do nice things
please move your vehicle out of the fucking bike lane
ain't nothing worse than being dissed by a smug nigga
I have fun with you non-articulate thug niggas
my sarcasm is waisted in conversations
I say shit see the delay & then all I get is a what nigga
friends of mine stay mad that they never made it
the saddest state of affairs cause they haven't covered the basics
go on a couple tours, sleep on a couple floors
when the floors ain't available van seats galore
transform your biggest haters in to supporters
then have some of your supporters debate you like you in office
lets make it a little awkward mix
your personal with business
that shit done turned angels into witches I done witnessed
see, where ever you run the drama will come to visit
but if it never feels like drama then you get it