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Artist: Odd Future (OFWGKTA) f/ Hodgy Beats & Tyler, the Creator
Album:  The Odd Future Tape
Song:   Slow it Down
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Ace, the Creator
O.F., Hodgy Beats (drop it)

[Hodgy Beats]
We come through throbbin, like thunderstorms
Make their feets get wet and funky up in they underarms
I'm too explosive for your ears like I'm throwin bombs
With the exclusive on the channel, bitch I know it's on
Niggaz get mad like cheerleaders, they throw they pom-poms
Suck a dick, eat salam', gettin they nails done in salons
Hodgy Beats is like limp balm
If you talk shit, I'll make you cry and tell your big moms
I got nice hands, niggaz eat out my big palms
Haters must be starvin nowadays I make California Vietnam
And I'm going to embalm my creativity
into a CD-ROM so you can feel the shit I'm on

[Chorus One: Tyler - repeat 2X]
{We gon' slow it down} Turn it up
{We gon' slow it down} Where's the bass?
{We gon' slow it down} Bring the keys
{for all you slow niggaz} Yeahhh

[Chorus Two: Tyler]
Oh my god! {We gon' slow it down} Turn it up
{We gon' slow it down} Nigga where's the bass?
{We gon' slow it down} Hodgy bring the keys
{for all you slow niggaz} 
{Slow it down} Turn it up
{Slow it down} Nigga where's the bass?
{Slow it down} Drop the drums

[Tyler, the Creator]
Pink chinchilla, somethin like thrilla
My t-shirts are +Bathing+, a bathing gorilla
You niggaz all hype like you drank a cup of Splenda
but I ate the whole plate like a fat bitch dinner
I'm never the winner, always the loser
I don't choose to win, but I will choose her
Her kitty-cat fish loves his tuna
I never use a fork I always spoon her
Go nuts, instrumental flow much
European model white bitch is eatin donuts
Fuck you faggots, I'm with a fat bitch
Makin shit come like I'm Go-Go Gadget
I'm mental, it's instrumental
Make your bitches' therapist ask for dental records
And I hope this record have you stabbin niggaz with colored pencils

[Chorus One] + [Chorus Two]

[Tyler, the Creator]
Yo - bubble gum that Reese's Pieces
You fail at life, I'll mug your teachers
I've got Muslims callin on Jesus
I fucked Kelly, where is Regis?
Found Alicia, now she keyless
Cold as ice, and now I'm creamless
Murdered every bod' from my squad
So technically, now I'm teamless
O.F. is so prestigious (uhh, yeah, umm)
(It's, it's not that hard but)
(Well for me it's not)