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Artist: Odd Future (OFWGKTA) f/ Casey Veggies, Hodgy Beats
Album:  The Odd Future Tape
Song:   Money Talk
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

CV, Hodgy, Odd Future what up?
CV in the muh'fuckin place to be
Uhh, yo

[Casey Veggies]
Yeah yeah, same ol' same ol'
Young nigga about that grown dough, you feel me?
Too many girls, but hey it wouldn't kill me
You gotta feel me, they can't even conceal me
Can't hide me, can't keep me at the bottom
I stay cool from the top to the bottom
I'm about the green and I forgot to eat the bottoms
We faster, full throttle
I got a lotta babies, I forgot to give 'em bottles
We so customized greatly and that's my motto
We faster, full throttle
Give 'em big deals like winnin the damn lotto
Rollin rims in the whip, check my auto
Gucci cheese on a bitch, man this girl's eatin tacos
Flow's so cold, I'm oh Domo
Now you other rappers is fuckin so-so, like, like

[Chorus 2X: Casey Veggies]
This is what we doin I'm tellin you it ain't funny
But this is for my niggaz that's talkin 'bout gettin money
(Talkin 'bout gettin money?) Yeah, talkin 'bout gettin money
But this is for my niggaz that's talkin 'bout gettin money

[Hodgy Beats]
Money is good, but it can be evil
Spell it backwards, live, keep it all cerebral
If you black, white, asian or hebrew
Just do what we do and get this money people
You ain't gotta be equal, or see-through
in order for you to be a rich negro
Here's a preview, Casey Veggies gon' do what he do
Hodgy Beats gon let Super 3 groove
Odd Future is the crew, I'm cool
She you, we cool to touch me
She stands on these stools
and does tricks so fit, like Evel Knievel
Red button, don't press it, false alarm
Ain't nothin I can't solve a check with
Guess what I ate for breakfast?
Money, cash, weed and I'm jettin out to settin


[Casey Veggies]
Make more to the death like D-I-E
It's M to the Y then the C to the V
It's been like that since BSE
And it's still like that this ODDB

[Hodgy Beats]
I'm tryna make Veggie R-E-E-N
Work should be a sport, E-S-P-N
Cut the backyards if you Mexican
I'm hungry 'bout to grab more checks again
We talk about money, cash, feta
Gouda, mozzarella, swiss, cheddar
Get money, get, get money
Get money, get, get money