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Artist: Odd Future (OFWGKTA) f/ Casey Veggies & Tyler, the Creator
Album:  The Odd Future Tape
Song:   Back For Another One
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

The moment you've all been waiting for

[Casey Veggies]
Uhh! Say hello to the great one
Mixtapes for free; homey here take one
It might come in handy
A record deal was the best thing y'all can hand me
My squad, the new Grammy family
Uhh! But they ain't feelin it
Oh well, more bars, I'm spillin it
Every time I touch a mic, they be like
"Yo your touch is tight"
Y'alls focus I took slow shots, bash so hard and slow
just like a robot, you're not hot man
I'm sorry for the truth, customized greatly killin shit
Casey feels sorry in the booth, uh
Flow's so sweet they put fillings in my tooth, yeah
Fillings in my teeth Ace, the Creator on the beat
Casey Veggies on the vocals got you niggaz in a chokehold
Uh-oh~! Yeah yeah, he's at it again
Spread the word, tell your moms and your friend

[Chorus: Tyler - repeat 2X]
{Yeah, because I'm} Back for another one
Back, back, back for another one (God damn)
Back for another one
Back, back, back for another one

[Casey Veggies]
The difference between me and them rappers
is I wear clothes fresh out the wrapper
Undivided attention, the show's on
And no cancelled shit, it must go on
Nigga volume two, uh, turn up the volume, too
I'm crazy lyrically, come get at me seriously
Niggas know I kill 'em mentally and spiritually
I hope you're hearin me, uh uh
First mixtape was hot, I hope you fear me
Believe that, y'all niggaz didn't believe that he rap
And now y'all bob your heads to the things that he rap
Uh, y'all niggaz didn't believe that he rap and
now y'all bob your heads to the things that he rap
This nigga hated and she clap
No handshakes leave daps


[Tyler, the Creator]
Uhh, damn back for another one
with robots I'm so hot, you're cold now here's a fuckin sweater
Look, I can't have no other fun
with my pops probably cause he out with his other son
But, I'm super steezy like my last beat
My bitch super greasy like her lunch be granola bars
I spill healthy verses, call 'em granola bars
Now every bitch wanna eat her Casey Veggies with no salt
Now it's so crazy
Other people than my moms is callin me baby
My nigga get your hopes down, you couldn't persuade me
to collaborate with you niggaz, your lyrics is lazy
I'm undefeated, but the suede shoes is Puma
I'm the cancer and the tumor with the drums and the tubas blastin
I'm a crook and it's a castle
If I am the shit, then I'm guessin my mom's a asshole