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Artist: Odd Future (OFWGKTA)
Album:  Radical
Song:   Turnt Down
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Hodgy Beats]
All the way turned up, all the way turned down
Blowin clouds of a smoke like a Ferrari when it burns out
White girl brunette, she don't gotta sweat her perm out
But she eat my apple when the fuckin wah-worms out
I live in fast lane, fast lane fury
Never in court, fuck the judge and the jury
My mind's in a race, cause my time's in a hurry
Catch a fish nigga and, fry him like he curry
Yo wait until I take off, wait until I take off
Bring your bitch along, cause I catch her like it's baseball
And she run the bases nigga and she run them bases
Bitch she bringin home dome on a daily basis
85 year oold rocking RMK flannels
with Supreme khakis and some Gucci sandals
Bitch I'm on a beach and the beach name is fuck
I catch an orgasm every time your shit suck
Bitch I'm on the grind like I grind my teeth
Put you niggaz in tortillas cause I grind my beef
And I poke her face, just like I'm playin poker
Chillin like a villain paintin faces like the Joker
Tipping on fo-fo's while I'm tipped on Jerry Sailor
Smoke so much weed I need a muh'fuckin inhaler
I'm on another level, pull down on the leverage
Bitch I quench the thirsty pass the muh'fuckin beverage