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Artist: Odd Future (OFWGKTA)
Album:  Radical
Song:   Splatter
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Oh shit, cuz it's startin, ay!!

[Tyler, the Creator]
Wolf Gang be on that wrist split splatter
Snortin coke pattern misfit'll hit Mick Jagger
Me and Jasper bangin "Bastard" beatin midgets up with ladders
Nigga don't give a fuck, that's that +Wolf Gang+ swagger
Don't give a shit so my dick fuck bladders
in your ear, "Radical" shows that Wolf Gang's radder
with a staggering pack of cocaine in the sac of my dick
where the lips of your teen daughter sits (bitch)
Fuck Tyler, I'ma change my name to +Uncle Phil+
Cause every girl I deal and fuck, it's always against her +Will+
Dope enough to snort crack and sit the fuck still
In Nellyville's old folks home searchin +Tip Drills+
Get my fill on with this grandmother named Jill
Takin shots of poon juice to the head for a cheap thrill
Hopefully my dick don't shrivel up, when it's time to bust
in this rusty cunt, that won a cup for collectin dust
Boogying with Jesus and a bunch of Nazi hoes
In the front row at a holy Justin Bieber show
Slowly my Ritalin is kickin in and Jesus left hand
begin to make me feel like a little kid again
This isn't rape, this is FUCKIN without a condom on
Throw her slightly to the right, so dyke I'm kinda wrong
Wolves is out past dawn on your front lawn
Me and Juan ensurin you that your slut daughter's gone
At the pawn shop, tryin to sell this Baume watch
She's a white vegetarian, I'll get this blonde cock
Lip balm she's some nun bitch from St. John
Told her that her pastor was a faggot and he likes John
He's a janitor recreational rectum manager
I am not, let's consider me a little pecan
that'll get your chest nutted on with an acorn
They swore that I was all fuckin nuts like a gay porn
Cause I disregard the white dress and the perm weave
and the headrest had to have about eight thorns
I was born back, +Wolf+ pack, nigga fuck that
Somebody tell Satan that I want my fuckin swag back

[Chorus: ??]
Wolf on to the Gang, and I'm out here
Forty bitches, and they pouches
Wolf Gang killin niggaz reppin houses
Wolf Gang run shit, dirty thousands
Wolf Gang {*4X*}

[Tyler, the Creator]
Box logo on my muh'fuckin chest
Left hand staggering on her motherfuckin breast
Deep down, I'm an emo fuckin faggot that's depressed
So the fuckin school suggested me a therapist
I confessed to bein atheist
They said I was possessed by a demon
cause I wanna see a bitch infested with my semen
and oppressed by my give-a-fuck less
of the baby not bein digested
by a fuckin hungry punk, feedin kids to slutty nuns with his cum
Got a fuckin blog that needs a post? I can get it done
2DopeBoyz I know you like this
(Like what?) This hot cum that's from my dick
Call me a clown but a week from now
You're gonna to hear this, and begin to ride on my dick
Like how the fuck did we miss this kid's shit?
Oh yeah we're old as fuck, we didn't have our glasses
But fuck y'all~! I don't need y'all help
I got twenty thousand views on "French" itself
And I did the video for "Really Doe" you silly rabbit faggot
Trix are for kids so we go - abracadabra!!!

Wolf Gang