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Artist: Odd Future (OFWGKTA)
Album:  Radical
Song:   Salute
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Domo Genesis]
Odd Future, Genesis
I don't think that I ever changed, ball hard or spark spliffs
And when I'm in the booth, it's +Super+ like Clark Kent
Competition fails to ever place an event
So when I step up to the track you consider my shit a win
Never gonna stop, Genesis is the begin
All about the money, I'm changin my name to yen
Swagger so tall, check +Yao+ up in the chin
Stay reachin for the sky like a nigga can't swim
But I'm on my two, and my pivot lookin great
Tell Z to have 'em rolled when I touch down in the states
Tell them we eatin well and we never scrapin plates
Stealin bitches from they niggaz just becaise I like the chase
Odd Future Wolves, full moon salivate
Look I done made it, the same nigga that you hate
Salutin the game, pilots all up in the place
Fly niggaz do it all, y'all grounded like bad grades
Never said thug, but my niggaz will pop
And if it's Louis V or Gucci then my niggaz will cop
Wait for the summer, "Rolling Papers" will drop
And hatin and speculatin is the shit that will stop
I'ma go hard, or I'ma do nothin
Like a beeper in a toilet, bet my shit buzzin
Hell yeah I'm the shit, just take a whiff cousin
Now you all frowned up, thought I told you I be stuntin
I get my highs and lows, like NASDAQ
Spit up addiction and bag that, pass crack
Livin the life, you lames remain whack
If I ain't gettin laid, I'm gettin high and watchin Flapjack
and that's that, yeah
Yes; y'all niggaz pay attention while y'all can
Domo Genesis
Follow me on my Twitter, @DomoGenesis
Yeah, not Genesis with a Y
I told 'em it wouldn't be long before I dropped that shit
Here it is, here I go
Look out for "Rolling Papers"
Late night, I'm comin for y'all niggaz, hehe
Alright you can turn that shit off
I'm just fuckin with this shit