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Artist: Odd Future (OFWGKTA)
Album:  Radical
Song:   Round and Round
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Hodgy Beats]
Yo, Mike G, nigga (What's up dog?) Man, shit nigga I'm just chillin, yo
No, I'm about to hook up with this bitch, she fine as hell nigga (She for real?)
Hell yeah nigga she fat as hell nigga (ha-ha where you meet her at dog?)
Shit nigga I was walkin my swag and I saw the bitch eatin, right?
She was done with the food, so you know, you know, I just walked up to her
And I just decided to ask her if she wanted something to eat nigga

I pick her up old school street sweeper
Ask her wanna eat, she suggest pizza
Shorty got body she from little Puerto Rica
Said her cousin Lisa was at the bar with Margaritas
She got a skirt leg tone stallion
Mi piace, but she didn't want Italian
We ride around cruisin, bumpin old schools
I take back to 90's to bust an old move
I told her I can cook like an arm and a foot
Attached to the leg, handcuffed to the bed
Take it to the house curious conversation
Unlock the door we commitin condensation
Hellbound horn sexn baby I'm Satan
I fuck shit up when up shit is vacant
By the time we use the bed I don't wanna get on
unless you pull me out and suck right after she spit on
Told you I'ma feed you, told you I'ma feed you
Mouth fulla HB is what call indeed food
Told you I would feed you, I told you I would feed you
And she looked at me like "Yeah I agree too"

My high's comin down, I'm hungry
I'm fin' to grab somethin to eat
Nuttin too expensive but none too cheap
I dial up shorty number see if she wanna eat
I told her I'll feed you girl, I'll supply the food
What if I just let you starve, wouldn't I be rude?
I'll feed you girl, I'll supply the food
What if I just let you starve, wouldn't I be rude?

[Mike G]
She pretty sweet, your new girl is my new treat
Kitchen or dining room damn right I give her a feast
She got an appetite that can't be soothed with regular food
She only fuck with me cause I ain't a regular dude
She ain't a regular bitch - ain't no need to be rude
She on some other shit, fuckin another bitch
Hell naw I ain't asked but she ain't gon' say no
First was 5th Ave, tore down Ro-deo
Told you I'd feed you, told you I'd feed you
Mouth fulla ofMike G exactly what you need boo
Told you I'd feed you, told you I'd feed you
Looked me in the eyes with a face that agreed too


[Jasper the Dolphin]
Face to face as we shoot up in the room
Reach in my pocket, pull out a fist of shroom
Now you faded off the high life high tip
Now you 'bout to suck on my fuckin dick, bitch~!
As we look around the room off the shrooms
Odd Future faces start to turn into goons
Radical, we ate your body cold
Fuck the microwave I eat it like this, yo


Ha ha, that bitch though I was gonna feed her
Turnt out I feed the fuckin crew know what I'm sayin
My Wolves gotta eat know what I'm sayin
Fuck it