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Artist: Odd Future (OFWGKTA)
Album:  Radical
Song:   Everything That's Yours
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Mike G: repeat 2X]
Chucks on the feet, hundreds on the laces
Ye' ain't sayin nothin 'less you talkin big faces
Same on the T, L's on my jeans
E'rything clean so I'm fly as angel wings
And I got a bunch of dreams but they don't mean nothin
Bitches tryin to kick it like they Vickie B's husband
See we stuntin, trees he be puffin
Got nothin on me, baby you don't need substance
And I ain't in pursuit, unless she's Mike Jack' "Bad"
Complex like math, smooth like jazz
Never lose my swag got my back like a sponsor
Iceberg cool still burn like contra
Name another nigga that could take off without a launcher
Fresh, and all my bombs Adams like Yolanda

[Mike G]
Probably the sickest nigga spittin that isn't really known
And they think that I'm from Houston cause I like my music slow
Got a high school diploma, I'm gettin every dollar
Rough neck nigga I had to fix my collar
Wake up in the mornin feelin big like Texas
Death to any nigga tryin to take my breakfast
No hesitation dog you shouldn't even bother
Ask my father even he know I'm a King like Arthur
Gave you a warnin, now you facin hazards
Shit they fiend for I call it blue magic
Pure shit nigga I call it blue magic
Fuck +Maybach Music+, this is brand new Jag shit
Fuck +Teddy Pain+ this is Teddy Pendergrass shit
It's like I've never been healthy, sicker than your average
Game on lock, chain on the same
Screens in the whip and they gon' fall like rain
Ice in that bitch so it's cold like hail
Like hell find a nigga that don't feel me like braille

I'm a know-it-all, can't tell me nothin
Greedy genius I just want it all like my cousin
I don't need it but I still take the cars and the girls
Went from 'bout gettin the money to about gettin the world
I'm a real nigga man, I ain't dealin with the haters
Only time I'll stop writing is when they run outta paper
Even then my flow sick, so I probably won't need it
Say you makin moves, but I probably won't see it
Nigga you could rap, but you like to front
See me in the 'llac, tell your bitch bring a blunt
My nigga I'm back, meet me in the front
Call this everything that's yours, cause that's everything I want