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Artist: Odd Future (OFWGKTA)
Album:  Radical
Song:   Double Cheeseburger
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Tyler, the Creator]
Uhhh, Wolf {*clearing throat*} Haley
Domo, Genesis, yeah

[Domo Genesis]
Six fifty, three hundred my shirt free
Shoot for the sky like a church league, y'all heard me
Absurd G, chickens cluckin for bird seeds
But I gotta apologize, no Greece like Xerxes
Won't heat or burn me, I'm the coolest nigga here
Usually defecation, now I'm pissin in your ear
My tablet is the ratchet and the pistols in the rear
I'll bang if it was bangless, now the track's no longer here
Metaphor, chillin with better whores
Smokin then later on, I bone 'em like Skeletor
What would I sell this for? This is free distribution
Style, they straight jack it like mental institutions
Outfits is ruthless, now yo' bitch is choosin
She floatin round winners, now your bitch you losin
Yeah, cause I'm the super Sega Genesis
Salute me, game: invented it
And you can't get no membership - little bitch~!

[Tyler, the Creator]
Six hundred sixty-six, leave it for the tip
of my dick head, melon off and let it rip
Just like a cannon from the teen in Nick
that's equivalent, to the poison in a cigarette
Tyler the Creator invented some new shit
And it's probably from the Illuminati, Nazi descent, so
If I give a fuck, it's probably from my +Dick+
when I'm +Cheney'n+ your daughter, she's tied up inside a tent, yeah
Odd Future Wolf Gang, Wolf Gang presents
We're back like a black bitch's hairline, indent the
Shit I represent is killin niggaz and shit
That's why I traded R. Kelly my sister for a new hit
I - get it crackin like the lips of a nigger
actor or a Dahmer when he invited me in for cheese and crackers
Just to watch the Grammys - man she's so attractive
Now he's mad and tryin to run me over out with Gacy's tractor
Hop over, run backwards with a knap sack of green Supreme hats
like I was sponsored up by the fuckin Packers
Shittin on niggaz, my tongue considered a laxative
Maxi pad, leave the beat +Brown+ like Rihanna lips
Back washing to my gang, you don't wanna take a sip
Fuck Wolf Gang, fuck what~?! Here let's take a trip
Take a look, to this bullet, now my finger slipped
My only purpose in life to kill myself up on accident
Fresh Jive, yeah I get it no charge
Dick soft as fuck, but somehow I go hard
Forearm with my gang name, that's an old carve
Chima Ferguson's bangin, you Ace niggaz is low carb
Wolf Gang

[Jasper the Dolphin]
Yo {*clears throat*}
Niggaz rollin deep, burners pulled out
Niggaz in the street scared, cause I got the burner in the hand

[Tyler, the Creator]
That shit was whack as fuck
Don't ever rap again in your fuckin life