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Artist: N.O.R.E. (P.A.P.I) f/ Busta Rhymes, French Montana, Raekwon, Swizz Beatz
Album:  Student of the Game
Song:   Faces of Death
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[Intro: N.O.R.E.]
Last they saw this movie, it was on regular screens
We ain't have no HD, no iMacs
Now we got 3D goggles to watch this shit
Popcorn extra buttery, extra sauce too on that
Ok (Uh huh)

[Verse One: N.O.R.E.]
Heat is bucking out on broad daylight, started from play fights
Niggas slap boxin need to stop like a brake light
I rock a rolex but never got my time straight
And can't see shit, sum'n like a blind date
Pyrex vision, hologram cocaine
And when I gas niggas, I call it propane
I use to hustle with the briefs under the boxers in my little pocket
Stash, orange top rockers
And re-upped from a dude name Enrique
He hustled uptown but he lived out in BK
Used to say decay, Diablo, Pablo
Partners with Pablo, heroin italiano
Flushed the work overseas custom work
Yellow lambo, use to let if off like Rambo
Sambo consignment, his wheels need alignment
How the fuck you gonna go to war with a boss?!
When your paper ain't right, and your crew half soft
Smirnoff Vodka shots, vacant lot parkin lot
Sour with the split of real nigga I don't kid a bit
Seat niggas like toilets fuck it I'm a shit a bit

[Verse Two: French Montana]
Ready or not, here I come
Redberry Ciroc, red dots on 'em (HAAAAAAA!!!!!)
Marvin Gaye all you heard through the grapevine (HAAAAAAA!!!!!)
That dope gettin stepped on grape wine (HAAAAAAA!!!!!)
Everything you did I did eight times (HAAAAAAA!!!!!)
Let the falcons fly like the eigth time (HAAAAAAA!!!!!)
Man I never thought I really make it (NAH!!!!!)
Could see Medusa's face on my pillow cases (NAH!!!!)
When them doors go up on the gold leer (HUH!!!)
Your bitch 'gon swallow it with no hands (HAAAAAAA!!!!)
Montana should've been on the first track (HAAAAAAA!!!!!)
Gettin all this head and I ain't learn yet
Pimpin them hoes, sippin the 'nac ('Nac!)
Dippin the roads, your bitch in the back (HAAAA!!!!)
Word upon I'm clappin off
Catch you in the apple, 'fore they turn your brains into sauce 

[Verse Three: Swizz Beatz]
Hey!!!! I'm goin in the bag, straight out the bag
Besides crazy, hit 'em with the mag
Pull out the jag, 'cause that's all they have
Up in the streets you know the goons pants sag
In the R.E. we deep in this bitch!
S.P. rockin in the streets in this bitch!
Middle fingers up you don't really give a fuck
Niggas was tryin to hustle just to make a fuckin buck
Just to make a fuckin buck just to make a fuckin buck
Just niggas know you down just to make a fuckin buck
Hey! It's real out there it's real out there
Them haters they get killed out there get killed out there
Man, you a liar set your house on fire
Ain't nothin man I think you wear a wire (What's up with that?)
Hang 'em off the roof with the noose (Get 'em outta here)
God damnit and let the goons loose

[Verse Four: Raekwon]
Golden monk, drunk, heavy dead pieces of gold
Shave a nigga face machete niggas quick
Indoors with whores they soldiers however it go
We 'gon poke, kill, fly, ride and roll
The most in shape destroy your ghost's
With more back they scoliosis
Yo! I runs in frontin, layin best pool of the shark
With the red clark on no question
Built for the reserves I just swerve laughin
I'm usually around birds now I see this one strapped kid
All out of time, mac in the lap of my dime
I just advise niggas stay on your grind
Forfeit the game, never nigga what
I'm cheddar most better we will sever your son
Out the slum with the vultures dinosaur chains and roasters
Don't come around we approaches

[Verse Five: Busta Rhymes]
Aiyyo! See when I come through, I never fear, you yet!
Aiyyo! I'm like a sniper with a rifle, every man will get dead!
Look! Deeper than the lost tribe of Shabazz I'm walkin through a lake full of riches
You see all of these diamonds drippin off me (UH HUH!)
You didn't get the pourin wine in glass havin a seat and listen to signs
With diamonds that sparkle and glisten off me (UH HUH!)
We ball until they call police and they try to report me (UH HUH!)
We washin all this bread like a nigga doin the laundry
See a nigga tryin to chill WHILE YOU NIGGAS TRYIN TO FORCE ME!!!!
Bitches cleanin my ratchet so I get tpo BLAMIN 'EM shortly
The fuck you tryin to step up like you some kind of contender
You's a BITCH remindin me of some kind of a sex offender
I'll burn you to a crisply with nothin more than your dentures (UH HUH!)
Go 'head offend me bitch I inherit the name defender
Nothin surprisin about niggas like you upon a stretcher
And squeeze 'em 'til they leak it's a like I'm applyin the pressure 
PAUSE! You probably should run and hire you a protector
'CAUSE! Banned it from TV save by the movie director