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Artist: N.O.R.E. f/ Raekwon, Styles P
Album:  Google That (Single)
Song:   Google That
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Styles P]
Shifty, low down, gritty and grimy
Like Fredro, fuck it, I get the bread, though
I take the nine and buck it up at your head, though
I run your jewels, you do it because I said so
Ride around the hood with niggas that let the lead go
I will never rat told my lawyers, to tell the feds, so
Word to the bullpen sandwich, and the bed roll
Like Starks in the Game of Thrones, let my head roll
Real nigga, nigga real
Team full of shooters, willing to pull the trigger still
If they see you ain't got a deal, take it from me
If they feel like you pussy, they be waiting for you
I ain't pussy, go 'head and wait
You the dickhead, that the bullet gonna penetrate
Dead nigga, dumb nigga
Fucking with a killa, should of knew it's red rum, nigga

[Chorus: N.O.R.E.]
I really drink Tiger Balm (you can Google that)
And I shot niggas too (you can Google that)
See I smoke big (you can Google that)
You heard I did a little bid (you can Google that)
Fuck niggas (you can Google that)
Nigga, fuck the other side (you can Google that)
Fuck niggas (you can Google that)
Nigga, fuck the other side (you can Google that)

Yeah, I'm from the era of the stick house
Where niggas used to cook bricks, at the chick house, after you re-up
Dominicans, Washington Heights, they had me up
Dimilo, weather so cold, it's like three below
My kicks stay fresh like a brand new baby ass
I found a Chinese chick with a crazy ass
I call her Suckmioffa, all she did was suck me off
All she want was wonton soup and some butter sauce
Leather, she told me that she Google my name up
Shootings, robberies, and big coke came up
See I'm an accurate shooter through your medulla
You can get your ruler, bought a missile the size of Zab Judah
I smoke weed, no other shit
The widows getting high on some other shit
You can keep that, respect to you
Get out of line with the heater to your neck, to you


Yo, more money then Google, ya'll niggas is doodoo
Throw the mac in your mouth and butt fuck your booboo
Yeah, pause little pussy, I'm the cable man, flow direct
Your hoe I wreck, horse brick stable, man
Black trunk, nigga, with fat pockets
Crooked like Jesse Jackson in the Black Watching
Broke nigga, with rich whores
Run up in the Hampton, sawed off, and get yours
Always rock the freshest, since AJ Lesters
Cooling off Orchid, buying shoes and vests
Gwop lieutenant, who in it, yo, we winning, now send it
I post in the ghost, the dumbest groupies is bidding
Pocket full, rock to rule, chef is unstoppable
Raised in the cage, ran with the cocky wolves
Lefrak, Yonkers to Staten walls, niggas take massive pulls
So now we blast and let bastards move