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Artist: No Malice
Album:  Let the Dead Bury the Dead
Song:   Why Cry
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I heard it's said "Blessed are they who mourn!"
"Weep for a night, joy comes in the morn'"
I done lived it to the limit so when I'm gone
Don't cry for me, cry when a baby born
When a baby born, cry when a baby born (Yes!)
"Weep for a night (Uh!), joy comes in the morn'"
This is on behalf of every chain that we adorn
Don't cry for me, cry when a baby born

[No Malice]
I heard 'em say that that Malice done come a long way
From that gas stove where the +Fire+ burn like Pompeii
Where the fiend cook it like flambé
Mexican connect coppin coka off of mi hombre
That Narcos, sellin it wit no barcode
Wreakin havoc proportions that only God knows
Nothin like a flip to get rid of that car note
These bad habits, don't pick 'em up, that's bar soap
Out of a dark hole, a light shineth
From one that once slung rock like a Goliath
Only the Highest can deliver you from hellfire
Give you purpose and a head that's held higher
My desire is not bent on that dollar sign
A different cloth cut, I am of that other kind
We ALL sin but don't be the devil concubine
My message aimed at the kids like it's Columbine


[No Malice]
A crying shame, all this need to acquire fame
A bad chick with every stitch a designer name
I'm on a higher plain, still a boss, that don't change
Still in that German whip, peel off like Auf Wiedersehen
We the same - nah, not even in ya dreamscape
Look younger than I did then, I done got a clean slate
Run circles round young'n like it's teen skate
For too long, y'all done made the real seem fake
Seem I can't escape it, everywhere hearin heresy
I'm Obama, y'all effin up my legacy
Knowin you a king, can't be out here acting beggardly
All I did was trust and doors open - sesame
Allegedly pushed +Poison+ from my connects
Bell Biv DeVoe except I had better dance steps
One of the many things I get to add to my regrets
Never a dollar would I ever trade for my respect