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Artist: Nipsey Hussle f/ Coby Supreme, Glasses Malone, Jay Rock
Album:  Bullets Ain't Got No Name, Vol. 3 (Mixtape)
Song:   We Gangbangin
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Chorus: Nipsey Hussle]
I don't know
What you done heard
But were I'm from
You might get served
You might shoot back
You might get cracked
You might do life but
That's just that cause
We gang bangin [x8]

[Coby Supreme]
It might be
The very last time you see ya family
That's why I pray every time I go to sleep
And every time I take a step up out the door
Don't forget to grab the strap off the dressor
Nigga Supreme you konw it's still a rap rock war
That's mix the cain right
That's wut the smokers fiend for
Lord forgive me for I have sin
I still chipped the nigga and walk off with a grin
My kids is thirsty they'll merk ya
They'll hurt ya
They'll dirt ya
They'll work ya
Over kill ya
And fill yo ass up with 100 muhfuckin shots


[Jay Rock]
L.A. is were we bang
Niggas know wut it is
Disrespect a smith and wesson catch a whole to ya wig
Got love from blue rags
Ride with my red rags
If you got a problem with that you get yo toe tagged
Look I'm down for my turf
Steady puttin in work
Better watch what you say
Ge yo face on a shirt
Look I'm strapped when I ride
See the gats in my ride
Fully auto loaded if you don't bust back then you die
I react when I'm high
See the red from my eyes
All my goons is thirsty they kill for the piece of the pie
This is not a surprise
Nigga this how we live
Rivals poppin they lips
Then we pop in a clip


[G. Malone]
I'm a mad ass eastside BG ridah
And fuck any trick who don't like it
Bet they faint when they see the heat I ride with
Guaranty ya leave these bitch niggas silenced
So who you side with
We better get along
If you don't get it right
I gotta do you wrong
That's the code of the streets shit they been the same
And I live by the code and we keep the gang
Can't pass the class of life unless you cheatin mane
And niggas ain't give me passes when they seen the range
They let the heaters aim ride up on the side of me
That type of shit bring the southern street up out of me
They try to leave yo nigga wetter than pastrami meat
So I pull triggas give these fakes lobotomies
Cause I'm a ridah babe
With a lot of change
And enough juice to turn you fuckas into rottamane

[Nipsey Hussle]
We gang bangin [until end]