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Artist: Nipsey Hussle
Album:  Bullets Ain't Got No Name, Vol. 3 (Mixtape)
Song:   Rap Music
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Hussle, look, you know
Shit can change your life my nigga, take you a long way, you know
Gotta dive in head first though, do what you got
Be a fool and let it pass you up, nigga
If you got a shot though, you know
Tell you how I did what I did
Neighborhood Slauson Boyz

For the ones who don't know
It changed my life
Took me off the block, now my change is for life
Just let it pass me by
If I was still on the block selling sacks and high
Now I hit the stage, the whole crowd loves me
Mama see me on TV, she's so proud of me
It changed my life
Took me off the block, now my change is right

When, we used to rock Schwinns
GT's, Diamondbacks, we was like ten
Nighttime, city lights, was so exciting
Seen the world out the window with my mama like ten
Used to be a bucket, now she drives a Benz
Black tint, presidential, with the AMG Kit
Always had a way with women
They say life's a bitch, so I ain't mad
They just mad cause my life's the shit
I'm in a Jag' with a bad bitch, nice and thick
Intelligent conversation, not the trifling chick
Type a broad make a boss think he might commit
And she got her own crib, she just like my dick
This rap shit let a crook live life legit
Now what I write, go for triple the price of a brick
First class, overseas, all-expense paid trip
Back and forth cause my shit on Hit


On the west side of the city
15 years old and I ain't never left the 60's
Pearl-handle .38, I always kept it with me
Blue '85 Cutlass, everybody knows Nipsey
Hanging out the window, swanging, rolling up endo
Streets detrimental, we ain't know what we was in for
Shootouts in broad day, it was crazy
77th on Broadway, still we blaze heat
When ducking shots turn to bustin' back and spraying blocks
When selling weed went to copping coke and chopping rocks
We going hard, had to give it all a nigga got
Narrowly escaped back-gates when cops raid the spot
My world spinning too fast, had to make it stop
Take a seat, make a plan, then make it pop
I made a record then he said he could make it drop
And one shot is all a nigga need to take it to the top